Monthly Archives: September 2012

Leeds Festival Review Pt1

Well, my first experiences as a festival-goer were erm… interesting to say the least. It’s funny how as soon as you tell people that you’re about to attend your very first festival, they feel the need to bombard you with the most gruesome horror stories they can conjure from their memory; no joke, people see […]

Is Football Sustainable?

Another transfer window has closed and Premier League clubs have spent another massive sum as they attempt to climb up the table this season. Clubs have spent £490 million over the summer, which a quick calculation tells us is an average of £24.5 million per club. Five clubs are credited with spending over £30 million; […]

The Importance of Art

Trying to decide on my first topic is as difficult as deciding what to draw. Sometimes, you just have days where all you want to do is create but you have no idea where to begin. I guess I should start by trying to define it – it is impossible, but it should give you […]

ECHR Rules Hamza can be extradited to the US

Another long running extradition case came to an end today as the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Abu Hamza’s and 4 other terrorism suspect’s Human Rights are not violated by the possibility of being sentenced to life in prisons in the US so called “supermax” prisons. In fact this ruling was made back […]

The Only Thing Lower Than Our Prices Is Our Morals

On September 24 2012 a riot broke out at the Foxconn Plant in Taiyuan, China. Foxconn is an incredibly large electronics manufacturer that assembles products for companies such as Apple, Sony, Amazon and Nintendo to name but a few. The riot, which involved 2,000 workers (with 40 suffering injuries) and halted the production lines of […]

Bankers’ Bonuses: Justified?

So what gives? Bankers’ bonuses have been sky high for as long as I can remember, but it is justified? I realise this isn’t a new topic, and it’s something that’s puzzled me and a lot of other people for quite some time. And it’s not likely to change any time soon. But that doesn’t […]

A Note From The Editors

Hello everyone and welcome to the first post of our brand new blogging website, Our Humble Opinions. We would like to thank you for clicking onto our site. We are now going to take a minute to explain a little bit what this blog is about. Our Humble Opinions is a blogging network which discusses […]