Leeds Festival Review Pt1

Well, my first experiences as a festival-goer were erm… interesting to say the least. It’s funny how as soon as you tell people that you’re about to attend your very first festival, they feel the need to bombard you with the most gruesome horror stories they can conjure from their memory; no joke, people see this as the perfect opportunity to inform me about the time their brother’s best friend’s girl friend’s cousin twice removed got mugged, stabbed and lost six toes at their very first festival. Nevertheless, I attempted to remain focused and excited about the fact that I would be seeing some of my favourite artists over such a short period of time within the same vicinity.

Although my love of alternative, new and innovative music is no secret to most, I think some people automatically overlooked the fact I was going to Leeds for the live music experience, and judged me as someone who couldn’t hack sleeping on the floor or squat pissing for 5 days; to be fair to them though, I am a bit of a princess when it comes to my home comforts. I need a good 9 hours sleep, a good meal and my ghds to ensure that I don’t turn into a she-hulk and go on a vicious, blood-thirsty, neck breaking rampage. All this considered however, I was actually able to maintain my temper pretty successfully; probably due to the fact I was in decent company and sharing a tent with one of my best friends who was an experienced happy camper and looked after me very well.

So after a pretty smooth arrival on the Wednesday and a nice chilled night around the campfire, Thursday came around and so did the start of the music. I was extremely excited for Thursday as I had seen that one of my very favourite bands in all of existence, Little Comets, were due to headline the BBC Introducing Stage that night. Unfortunately however, this excitement was swiftly stunted as soon as I arrived at the stage and waited for them to play; I swear to God, I am not the world’s biggest fan of large groups of people in any instance, but after that night I seriously began to realise how annoying and pointless the existence of some of the inhabitants on this planet actually was. To begin with, the BBC Introducing Stage was situated right next to an outside bar, who, for some unholy reason had insisted on continuing to play their music on full blast over Little Comets’ set. As the stage was clearly not intended to accommodate such a large group of people, those around the very perimeter of the crowd were exposed to a rather sickening mixture of Flo Rida’s Low blared from the adjacent bar, and One Night in October.

Secondly, as I tried to make my way through the crowd closer to the stage, and attempted to stray my ears away from the unholy surrounding racket, I came across several people I would’ve quite happily castrated there and then. I’m sorry if that sounds rather extreme and possibly psychopathic, but why would anyone stand there in a crowd, taking up valuable space for people who actually want to be there, just to make stupid and grossly irrelevant comments? I can say in all honesty that I do not care if you think Little Comets are shit and if all their songs ‘sound the same’ to you. Granted, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if you’re going to stand in my way and shout over a band when I am trying to watch their set, I am going to want to see you spend the night trapped in the poo trough under the toilets. I was seriously so pissed off, I left after 3 songs and almost she-hulked all over the place.

Next instalment of my review of Leeds Festival will be going up on this blog next week, so keep a look out.

By Ella Troup


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