Monthly Archives: October 2012

A Word to the Plebs

Warning; this blog contains dangerous levels of sarcasm. Last week something disturbing happened. There were three whole examples of the ordinary people thinking they were as good as the toffs. This sickens me. Now never mind that I’m a liberal socialist, social democrat, iconoclast and a republican who went to a state funded school, I […]

WTF! Watching a Person get paid for having Fun?!

An Open Letter to YouTube Gamers, You guys are my almost like idols to me. Me and millions of other people go out of our way to sit down in front of our laptops to watch a person we don’t know play a video game that we could easily own and play ourselves. Yes, you […]

If Superheroes Used Social Media

So I was scrolling through the latest articles on my beloved Mashable, and one caught my eye. The headline read “Clark Kent Quits ‘Daily Planet’ – To Start a Blog?” and it got me thinking, why is it that nobody uses social media in superhero world? Firstly it’s important for me to avoid an attack […]

The Business of Gaming

On October 11 2012 the founder of gaming giant Electronic Arts, Trip Hawkins (yes his name really is Trip… I’ll just give you a second to let that sink in) said that home video game consoles will soon become the endeavour of the hobbyist, a niche product. Now let’s put this into perspective. The Entertainment […]

Weekly Update

Here’s your weekly update of the topics we’ve been discussing on OHO this week: Monday Ian discusses the ever changing world of computer games and asks why some of his favourite games have disappeared. Tuesday Jack suggests imposing harsher punishments in football for players and team s found guilty of racism. Wednesday We look at […]

Windows 8: Upgrade or Avoid?

Today is the day many have been waiting for; the launch of Windows 8. In this post I’m going to run through some of the basics of the operating system, and hopefully give you a good idea of what you can expect from it. Windows operating systems have had a turbulent history, and frankly have […]

How X Factor Killed Music

So it is most definitely approaching that time of year again. Yes, that time that once excited you greatly as a child, and spread that big, cheesey smile across your tiny little milk teeth is most certainly upon us. With age you may have started to realise however, just how conceited and pointless this ever […]