An Open Letter to Boy Bands

Dear Boy Bands,
WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHY?! What happened? Somehow in this day and age when a group of lads come up to each other and say “Hey Guys let’s start a band!” they intend to meet up, learn how to thrust their crotches, choreograph dance routines and sing in harmony. Where are the days when some mates met up with guitars, bass and drum and decide to form a gang with the same Earth changing revolution that would literally and metaphorically change everything?
Let me tell you this is not as true as you may think, boy bands have always existed and were formed in the exact way as described above. Now, I do not mean groups like The Beatles. The Beatles are a band, a pop and rock band that wrote the majority of their songs and performed them live whilst playing their instruments. An early boy band The Four Tops were formed in the early 60’s and was a part of the Motown record label and music genre that got us Dancing in the Streets. These Four boys were friends in High School and formed there group, where they learnt covers of popular tunes and eventually wrote original hits (or were written for them) they went on to be a brilliantly popular group showing a great classic format of the Boy band, four piece Harmony which we see in a number of Boy bands throughout history (Westlife, Take That (without Robbie, which they were better for) etc)). There were the Four Seasons that taught to walk like a Man and that Big Girls Don’t Cry. Later in the early 70’s we had The Bee Gees and Jackson 5, which gave us some great Disco classics that are impossible to forget. Each of these groups wrote and performed songs that were filled with heart lifting lyrics, groves that were infectious and musical talent which was lost in the 90’s surge of techno and R’n’B boy groups that lost all depth.
Very few Boy bands today can ever equal the likes of those mentioned before, contemporary boy bands are manufactured to sell sex, “love” and hipster/gangster image which seems to make girls hearts explode with a need to fall for the “Sensitive One” or the “Tough Guy”. These terms never existed till today when groups like FIVE began to design these images and styles making each of them look like the “One” they were design to be.
Take That may be the last in a line of boy bands that write their own male group harmonies and take the function and role of a boy band seriously, having found an opportunity to share in their love of music. Today we only see a group of young pretty boys who can throw out a few overly auto-tuned notes and splurge lies of love and longing.
I am not ashamed to say that I love the boy band style of music. Male harmony has a brilliant sound, like a classic four piece pop and/or rock band, it covers all the write musical tones and brings a catchy tune that you just can’t help but enjoy listening to.
So please enjoy this week’s song (my favourite song of all time) and hopefully you will agree that boy bands are just as good as other forms of groups. But understand that today the boy band like the rock band is a dying art:

By Josh Sinclair


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