Where you sit on the bus tells me a lot about who you are

Yes, I know. This is what you’ve all been waiting for, the headline blog; the blog about buses. Bare with me though, there’s a point to all of this…

Now, I’m a creature of habit and if I can, I like to sit in the exact same place on the bus every morning, without fail. Is that weird? Maybe, but I like my routine. I’ve been getting the same bus to work with the same people every morning for the past 12 weeks and I’ve started to notice (not in a creepy way) that other people do the same. Maybe I’m not weird? So it dawned on me, does where you sit on the bus say a lot about your personality? Well it turns out it does (if you believe the theory). Believe it or not, there are seven distinct categories.

Now, picture a perfectly normal double-decker bus, got it? Well, here it goes. People who sit on the top deck towards the front can be categorised as forward thinkers, the ones who have a plan or a direction for the future (at least more of a plan than the rest of us that is). Those at the back are the rebellious types who like their personal space. They tend to blare out loud music through their headphones for the rest of us to hear (nice of them, isn’t it?). Sitting in the middle are the independent thinkers – usually younger to middle-aged passengers who like to read a newspaper or listen to their iPod in peace.

On the lower deck at the front tend to be the meeters-and-greeters; the helpful types who are generally rather friendly. Those in the middle are strong communicators, people whose lives involve a lot of interaction or talking to large groups. People who head straight to the back (that’s me) tend to be risk takers who like to sit on elevated seats to make themselves feel more important (yeah, that’s definitely me).

The final group, the people who really don’t care where they sit are the chameleons – people who don’t care where they sit because they feel they can fit in anywhere, in all walks of life.

So, what about you? If you are the first person on the double-decker in the morning, where do you go? Is any of what I just said true or is it another generic load of tosh like horoscopes?

Elliot Needham


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