Weekly update

Monday– Ian explored gender equality and the presentation of woman in video gaming. Turns out its a mixed bag, some woman are great others (like Princess Peach) are useless and need to stop relying on an Italian Plumber and his weird green dinosaur thing to save them.

Tuesday– Josh got all emotional about the demise of his favourite instrument, the bass guitar. There are a number of links in this article which show how this instrument should be used. If you are a music fan you need to appreciate the importance of this instrument.

Wednesday-Elliot told us all why we behave the way we do in lifts. Do you stand at the back, right at the front, in the middles or do you just stare at your phone and ignore the rest of your lift friends. Either way it reveal stuff about you.

Thursday– Joe talked about Microsofts new tablet computer, which isn’t a tablet despite really looking like one. Apple dominates this market so are they brave or stupid to take on the mighty IPad? Since this is being written on an IPad probably stupid.

Friday– Jack in a tired, cold ridden state wrote this article on the train. Despite that he proposes some genius ideas of what we can learn from the Gary McKinnon case. Either that or mad ramblings no ones quite sure.

Click on the days to see the articles if you want to know more.

Jack Troup


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