If Superheroes Used Social Media

So I was scrolling through the latest articles on my beloved Mashable, and one caught my eye. The headline read “Clark Kent Quits ‘Daily Planet’ – To Start a Blog?” and it got me thinking, why is it that nobody uses social media in superhero world?

Firstly it’s important for me to avoid an attack from comic book fans by clarifying that by ‘superhero world’ I of course mean the DC and/or Marvel universe. Phew, now I’ll move on. A few of us have read the comics, and most of us have seen the films, and it seems that the old fashioned ‘spread the word’ tactics of printing the newspaper seems to have stuck. Maybe this is a consistency thing that the comics and films have decided to keep, in which case fair enough I appreciate that. But something inside me thinks that superhero world simply does not seem to make sense (well duh, it has superheroes in it).

Hear me out. Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) has the most incredible computer technology stuff I have ever seen; a dream that’s slowly getting closer to reality – just look at leapmotion – its happening! Yet the Marvel universe does not seem to have social media, and instead uses the same old newspaper print to spread the Iron Man-related word. Given that social media is such a significant tool for finding out what’s going on in the world (granted the ‘trending’ feature on Twitter isn’t going to spit out world news every time, but you get the point), how has this not been added into the universe to keep things modern and up-to-date?

I guess there are issues with copyrights and the danger of favouring different social media brands if this were to happen, and newspaper print does have a certain classic charm to it. But it would be great to see a bit of Twitter banter between some of the Avengers, am I wrong? How great would it be to see Nick Fury checking his phone and seeing that Thor has just tweeted: “spent all day smashing frost giants with my hammer #yolo #demigodftw”. To me that would be priceless, but I guess I’m just weird like that. Naturally Loki wouldn’t be getting many friend requests. I got curious and after a quick search found this little gem too which pretty much made my day.

I wouldn’t recommend villains used social media though, especially on the go since sites have a habit of posting where you are. Mind you I can see the Joker checking into ‘Gotham Bank’ on Foursquare just before he robs it purely for the challenge. He’s probably Major of Arkham Asylum come to think of it (another Foursquare reference).

So I guess truth be told social media doesn’t really fit into superhero world, which is a shame. Despite it taking out the seriousness of the world, it would be fairly entertaining in its own way. Who knows, if Clark Kent does quit his job and starts blogging they might be slowly getting there.

Joe Topliffe


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