WTF! Watching a Person get paid for having Fun?!

An Open Letter to YouTube Gamers,
You guys are my almost like idols to me. Me and millions of other people go out of our way to sit down in front of our laptops to watch a person we don’t know play a video game that we could easily own and play ourselves.

Yes, you guys started by using this as a way to teach others how to improve their gaming skills or even to give walkthroughs to help us through the tough bits of a game. But, now that has become a standard and we now choose to watch these videos not for the video game content but for the gamer themselves.

Seananners, you began by helping us pick up guns in Call Of Duty and teaching us how to improve, but then you ran out of advice to give on the game and began bringing us into your life. I have found your serious rambles whilst playing Black Ops some of the most accessible advice.

PewdiePie you helped us to look into the dark and know that screaming like a 4 year old girl is manly and welcome us into your Bro Army. You entertain me and show me that I don’t need to hide my eccentric side.

Machinima you brought together a massive collection of gamers that make videos and take us through games and entertain us with their random craziness and zany personalities. You even make shows that are not to do with gaming at all and just create humorous programming that could easily be put on TV.

Every time I say I go out my way to watch this, people wonder why I enjoy watching these people play games when I would have more fun playing the game itself? I have to make them know that I am watching them not for the game content but the YouTuber who entertains me and gives me 5 to 30 minutes of pure enjoyment everyday.

You guys (and girls [i.e. Cupquake]) are the luckiest gits ever, you play games and have people watch. I wish I could be like you because stacking shelves, serving coffee or sitting at a desk following mindless bureaucracy is no way interesting or exciting.

Yours Sincerely
Josh and the gamers of the world
P.S. Please check out some of my Favourite Game Commentators from YouTube



Captain Sparklez

P.S.S. I have decided to expand my blogs to include discussing YouTube 😉


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