Hurricane Sandy shouldn’t be Politicised

Like most people on this side of the Atlantic for the past few days I have been dumbstruck by the sheer force of nature that has hammered the east coast of America. Seeing the famous city that never sleeps grind to a halt is very surreal. In fairness to both Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney both have avoided politicising the issue, they also have posted the contact details of the American Red Cross on their campaign pages urging people to donate and volunteer. Some things are more important than politics. Or so I thought until Donald Trump decided the world wasn’t paying him enough attention.

Mr Trump has decided to take it upon himself to politicise the whole thing, claiming that the hurricane is “good luck” for Obama as it will give him the opportunity to help victims with aid and provide him with photo opportunities that will make him look presidential. According to Trump, Obama is fortunate that he will be able to use this situation to his advantage. So Obama doing his job right after a natural disaster which no one could possibly control is bad, mainly because it doesn’t give Trump anything to rant about.

Trump has also extended the deadline on his offer of $5 million to charity, if Obama releases his passport and college transcript, till Thursday. He says he’s doing this because of the hurricane. How generous and considerate of him, I’m sure Obama has nothing more important to think about like helping people. No one cares about where Obama was born, no one cared in the first place even before Obama released his birth certificate. You can’t demand someone produce evidence and then say you don’t believe it when they do and demand more.

To be honest Trump may as well just give up with the whole charade, build an under water base and try and kill James Bond like normal crazy billionaires do. I can’t abide it when people use a natural disaster for their own political ends. Which is what I think is happening here. Politicising a situation where people have lost their homes, livelihoods and even their lives is wrong. At time of writing 38 people on the east coast have lost their lives, like I said at the beginning of the article some things are more important than politics. So why Mr Trump felt the need to comment is this way shows that he is out of touch with not only the American public, but those of us across the pond as well.

I’m a firm believer in allowing people to answer their critics, it would be unfair if I were too write this article and not have any balance. What I’m going to do now is message Mr Trump on Twitter with this article and offer 5 of my English pounds if he responds to this article to my satisfaction! Sorry I can’t offer $5 million but at the end of the day I’m only a student.

Jack Troup


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