Star Wars Lives On

You’ve probably heard the news. You probably have an opinion about it. Here’s mine…

The title gave it all away – I’m talking about Star Wars. The franchise has been sold to Disney for $4.05bn, sparking a new age for the series. So George Lucas is a sell-out, right? Yeah, technically he is. He cashed in on his franchise. But I think there’s more to this than him simply becoming a sell-out as Star Wars fans around the world are now chanting.

In a recent interview to address this turn of events, Lucas expressed his desire for the franchise to live on, and move forward in a new direction. He loves Star Wars, but much like Andy from Toy Story had to *spoiler alert* give up his toys so they could find a new home and experience new adventures, Lucas is handing his beloved series over to a company that will cherish it and give it the best shot of being successful again in the future.

I have to say, Disney are definitely the best company to take the series to a new level. Back in 2009 Disney bought Marvel for around $4bn, and in 2012 we were treated to arguably the best superhero film of all time; Avengers Assemble. I think Star Wars will be in safe hands with them, and yes episode 7 will be nothing like the classics, and will not even come close to how magnificent those coveted films are. But I’m ok with that, because I trust Disney to do the next best thing and take the series in a new direction, and do it well.

There’s already so much hate in this world, why add so much more by slating this new venture even before it’s begun? I suppose that’s just the easiest thing to do; cling onto what you know and what you’re comfortable with, disregarding the possibility that something good might come from this. Like I said, we all know episode 7, or 8 or even 9 won’t be nearly as good as the original trilogy, but they don’t need to be. It’s Star Wars, and despite the fact that every film since the originals were destined to be second best to them, they still entertained us and earned a place in our DVD collection. Hell I even enjoyed watching episode II when it came out; despite its terrible dialogue and overly angsty Anakin (he got worse in episode III).

The Star Wars universe has so much potential and so many stories yet to tell, so I for one would love to see it given the chance to blossom and entertain fans for years to come. The mass number of video games based on completely different stories to that seen in the movies (take ‘Knights of the Old Republic’ for example) just shows how much the franchise has left to give. The thought of the kids of the next generation growing up getting excited about Star Wars films, pretending to be Star Wars characters and collecting Star Wars toys gives me a warm feeling inside – even if it’s a different Star Wars to the one we know. There are so many new stories to tell in that galaxy far far away, and I’m excited to once again walk the way of the Jedi, and see what direction it takes us in.

By Joe Topliffe



  1. I heard about this online, then confirmed it when it made headlines in my local newspaper.

    It kind of feels to me like Disney and George Lucas are kicking a dead horse and expecting money to spew out of it.

    I kind of felt the same way when Disney bought marvel. The only difference now is that Marvel still has ongoing story development through comics and cartoons where as the star wars fan base is growing through novels and parodies. (Thank you internet.)

    Episode 6 of star wars gave us closure in the films. I can’t even imagine where Disney is going to take us from here. Darth Malgus? the Sun Crusher? did Palpatine/Darth Sidious actually die? Will this follow the escapades of the child of Han Solo and Princess Leia? Is princess Leia a real Disney princess now? if so, is she not the most bad*** Disney princess of all time? Is Toy Story still Disney’s most popular series?

    I think all-in-all Disney is going to do one of two things. Reviving the series with a 7, 8 and 9 will either be a booming success in fixing the mistake that was 1, 2 and 3; or it will be a terrible flop. No matter what happens, people will view it both ways, and ultimately I can see this leading to a massive divide in the star wars fan base.

    1. Completely agree – whatever happens there will be a division in fans. Some fans have already made up their mind that its going to be a flop even before they’ve started filming! I honestly don’t know how the series will move forward, because as you said Episode 6 wrapped things up nicely. Still I’m intrigued how Disney will do it – but if people are worried about the story I think it’ll be fine, since storytelling is Disney’s speciality. Definitely more difficult than Marvel as there are no comics to go off, but I wouldn’t complain if they opted to start a completely new story either before or after the events of the current Star Wars saga.

      1. Agreed; I personally wouldn’t mind seeing the escapades of Jaina and Jacen Solo.

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