An Open Letter to my Lack of Inspiration

To My Lack of Inspiration

You always come at the worst of time, you show up when I am alone and have a need to create, relive the mind and soul of Mozart, Da Vinci and Einstein. And yet … no! Not a single thought or idea.

You come after I made the decision for the topic of my worth-60%-of-my-module essay so instead I stare blankly at a laptop screen, stalk people on Facebook or worse…get lost in a barrage of Flying Pop Tart Kittens farting rainbows.

You always interrupt me when I’m down and emotionally unstable. The moments I beg to be inspired before I find the ceiling an exciting thing to watch intensely, cry or move pixels around aimlessly and mindlessly. Worst of all I fail to even achieve these goals because it just seems worthless to do that!

The moments when friends are all busy and you realise the depressing fact that everyone has grown up and were adults. AND SHIT you have to wake up at 6am to get to YOUR SHIFT TOMORROW. Hay! At least some mindless work and random banter with your work mates will distract for a while.

The walk to and from your place of means, gives you a few moments of peace and stress-less wonderment. You even find an artist or album you haven’t heard to for a while and enjoy the fact that you can lose your mind in it as walk steadily home. Back to the utter blankness that is your lack of inspiration.

So with a lack of inspiration you go home, sign into YouTube and hope that something perks your thoughts, mood and manner. Hours of searching have left you empty of entertainment, and then…your eye wanders…a video suggestion you’ve not seen before so you click and follow it. You realise it’s made by a channel that likes to make comedy videos and so you think maybe it’ll make you laugh.

SUCCESS!!! It does not only that but you realise that the internet is a wonderful place, the video was informative as well. It leads you to the conclusion that life is not all that crap for you. It generally that crap for everyone, you feel better with that. You cheer up realise this rut you’re in is worth it.

This blank mindless experience is the queue to an awesome roller coaster, the ultimate gig, the one way ticket to a lifetime in paradise.
Still no inspiration your friend Lack-of is still hanging around, but at least you can put up with him.

Yours Sincerely

Joshua Sinclair

(Musician, Blogger, YouTube Viewer/Reviewer/Advocate, Graduate, Life Learner, Distant Learner, General Nice Guy)

Great list of short Vids


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