Weekly Update

Monday Josh kicks of our debate on religion and the New Archbishop of Canterbury.

Tuesday Ian celebrates Skyrim’s 1st Birthday in style by blogging about it.

Wednesday Jack continues the debate on the New Archbishop of Canterbury, talking about Woman Bishops and Same Sex Marriage.

Thursday Joe discusses the good side of social media in a sexy caveman voice to spice it up.

Friday Tom rounds off the week with a look at pirates and asks why film and television now idealise them.

Once again thanks to everyone who contributed to the blog and a special thanks to everyone who read our articles. We hope you enjoyed it and well see you on Monday for a discussion of what makes the perfect video game!



  1. Joe Topliffe · · Reply

    Haha! Since when was it a ‘sexy’ caveman voice!?

    1. Was trying to think of something clever and funny to say for the update, that was the first thing that came too mind. Probably shows a bit about how my head works lol.

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