My Perfect Game

Game, Europe’s largest video game retailer, are currently running a competition to win Nintendo’s shiny new Wii U. To enter one simply has to describe their perfect game. This is perfect as I A) love using this blog to talk about games, B) I’ve needed a good excuse to write a blog on this very subject and C) I want a Wii U.

To begin let’s start with the genre and perspective. My favourite genre of video games has traditionally been the patformer, as proven by the fact I once spent an entire blog lamenting its demise (Death of the Platformer) but I honestly don’t think that the platformer is king anymore. In my old age I now much prefer the action-RPG genre. Games like Skyrim, Borderlands and Demon’s Souls are the fountain from which I drink. The ability to not so much design a character, but have them adapt and evolve as the game progresses is what I’m interested in. I can’t stand games where I have to spend the first 20 or so minutes deciding how wide I want my character’s jaw line to be. What I want is a well crafted character that has been designed from the very beginning to be the protagonist, that they have had an excellent script written for them and amazing voice acting to bring them to life, life Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series or Solid Snake in the Metal Gear series. But with that said I want the character to evolve to my play-style as I progress and level up. An ideal example of this would be the Borderlands games where I can’t pick things such as character’s ear shape but I have full access to a skill tree where I can assign skill points to particular characteristics that I want to tailor to make the game more personal.

The game would absolutely have to be open-world. The days of the linear game are behind us. After a battle has taken place you should be able to have time to loot the corpses of the fallen to restock supplies and catch your breath. It should also be a time for exploring the landscape and taking in the gorgeously crafted environments, rather than simply rushing from point A-B. The grind in games like Borderlands and Skyrim is absolutely what makes them must play games, constantly searching and upgrading your items can keep a game engrossing and engaging from start to finish. Unlike those games however, I prefer my games to have a third person camera perspective. I’ve always found this style of game to be more appealing. I think it has something to do with growing up playing platformers and the fact that in third person you are able to see more of your surroundings at any given time. Speaking of surroundings, for my perfect game the setting would probably have to be in the future, yet still have areas of lush vegetation. A good example of this would be the ‘Jak and Daxter’ series; how at one minute you’ll be in a futuristic metropolis and the next in a forest that houses ancient ruins.

The antagonists of the game should definitely feature a wide variety of species and creatures. In my opinion enemies are the best when the average by the numbers enemies are humans and the special, slightly more challenging ones are otherworldly. A good example of this is the recent ‘Ninja Gaiden’ games where the average enemies are other ninja and the monsters in the later stages take more tactics to take down. There should also be boss battles. Boss battles have fallen out of favour lately, possibly as games have more and more been made by western developers. The final end game boss has to be some sort of giant spider. Why? Because I hate spiders. A good boss should punch your heart into overdrive at the very sight of it and nothing get me on edge as the sight of a disgusting, hairy, eight-legged killer, just waiting to wrap me up in its web and liquefy my flesh to drink me as a human smoothie.

The score should match the surroundings. Whilst out in the forests the score should be orchestral but when entering the city areas a more modern, possibly dance-enthused score would match the surrounds best.
One thing I would like to flag up as I have the chance is the idea of having a second touch screen at hand to further enhance the gameplay. The Wii U has this via its Wii gamepad, the PS3 can utilise this via having the PS Vita as the controller and the Xbox 360 could has this via the ‘SmartGlass’ app for tablet devices. Being able to quickly access a map, your character’s inventory or their skill-tree on the fly without having to pause would be an absolute godsend!

So that’s my perfect game. Developers, make it happen!

By Ian Dutton
Twitter: @idutton91

This is an entry to the Perfect GAME competition for the chance to win a <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Wii U from GAME


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