Saturday Pick ‘n’ Mix

Hello everyone,

Now that OHO is a few months old we’ve decided to try a new feature. Every Saturday were going to do a Pick ‘n’ Mix where we randomly show you 3 of our old articles. It’s a bit of trip down memory lane for us and another chance for you the reader to experience some of our articles from the good old days of 2 months a go. Enjoy anyway and here’s the first instalment.

The only thing lower than our prices is our morals Ian’s first ever attempt at a blog article, you can all see how far he’s come and this article really does make you think.

An open letter to boy bands Josh wrote a letter to boy bands asking them politely to stop what it is their doing. Strangely none of them seem to have taken notice.

Where you sit on the bus tells me a lot about who you are Elliot talks about buses and why we pick the seats we do, bare with us it’s more entertaining than it sounds.

Hope you enjoyed that, our weekly update will be up tomorrow and see you all next week.

OHO editors


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