Weekly Update

Here’s your weekly update from OHO

Monday Ian started the week by describing his perfect video game. There’s also a chance of a prize at the end of this article.

Tuesday Matts first article on OHO and it’s about the new Wii U. Anyone would think we like gaming on this site.

Wednesday An article that isn’t about gaming! Jack talks about the recent Police and Crime Commissioner elections and tell us why they should have never happened in the first place.

Thursday Tom discusses photography and tries to work out what is best Instagram, photo manipulation or good old fashioned film.

Friday Joe rounds off the week with a celebrity gaff and turns it into a discussion on social media, very crafty Mr Joe.

Thanks to all our readers and contributors this week. Last Sunday we past 1000 views so to celebrate we’ve started a new Saturday feature where we look back at some of our favourite old articles and suggest their worth a second glance.


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