It’s Christmas be an elf

This Christmas, be an Elf. Now let me explain that statement. I really love Christmas. It’s the best time of the year. Everywhere is cold, the days are short and the nights are long, coffee shops have special Christmas drinks, mulled wine, roasted chestnuts, copious amounts of turkey, tacky decorations and awesome lights. Bottom line is Christmas is great. The thing is Christmas isn’t really as fun as it was when I was a child. Some of the magic has gone away. I mean I no longer sit at my window waiting for Santa to arrive. But what I have realised is that Christmas can be as magical as you make it.

Let’s start with scenario one. You put a tree up in the house and decorate it as normal, but that’s it there is no other decoration in the house. You purchase presents for friends and family, but you don’t really think about them, you just buy quick thoughtless gifts. You spend most of your days moaning about the cold and the short days. It’s fair to say that you don’t like Christmas. It’s a consumerist holiday, with all the soul of its intentions removed. You don’t like the fact you have to visit all those family members you try to avoid for the rest of the year. People in this scenario have made Christmas un-magical. They have refused to allow the wonders of Christmas into their lives and in return have spread no magic themselves.

No time for the second scenario. You put up the tree, and cover it with loads of decorations. You then fill the house with loads more decorations. The garden gets filled with lights, snowmen and those weird tacky neon signs. You make a Christmas cake, yule log, gingerbread and any other Christmas baking products. You spend days and weeks picking the right presents and you want to spread joy, which can only come with the giving of the right gift. Finally you embrace the long nights and the cold; I mean you can always put more layers on. It’s fair to say that you love Christmas. It’s a holiday all about giving and sharing, which is what the holiday is supposed to represent. You love that all your family members get together and you see those people you should have kept in touch with over the year. People in this scenario love Christmas, and have made it magical. They have allowed Christmas in and it has given back.

The examples above are both extremes but I’m using them to illustrate a point. Christmas is as magical as you make it. Maybe I don’t sit around waiting for Father Christmas to deliver my presents, or queue for hours to go to Santa’s grotto, but Christmas is still awesome. I spend hours picking the right decorations and the right gifts. I embrace everything about Christmas and that is what makes it magical to me. If you spend Christmas with a scrooge like spirit then you’re not going to enjoy it. So this Holiday do everyone a favour and pretend to enjoy yourself, you never know you may actually enjoy yourself. Spread the joy, help Christmas spread and enjoy. Don’t be a Scrooge, be an Elf!

By Matthew Husselbury



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