A Rambling Nintendo Fans thoughts on the WiiU

I’m going to start by saying that I love the Wii U. I picked it up on the day of release and haven’t done much else since. Now I know I blogged on why I shouldn’t get excited about the Wii U and how there is a good chance that it won’t live up to my expectations. However I forgot all about that the second I opened the box, sieved thorough the huge amount of packaging, plugged it in and played it. Right now as I write this blog I’m watching Netflix on the gamepad. That’s a pretty cool feature, even if I could have done that with a tablet computer or the split screen function on my laptop, It’s still pretty cool. But enough about my blind, fanboy admiration, I’m actually going to look back at the blog I wrote two weeks and see if the things I talked about are actually issues or me just findings things to moan about.

The first thing I mentioned was that even though the Wii U is technically more powerful than both the Xbox and PS3, some of the games don’t look as smooth as expected. Though this is technically true, after playing New Super Mario Bros U for quite a prolonged time I’ve came to the conclusion that it’s a beautiful game. This is one of the games that IGN stated had weak graphics. It is nice to finally see Mario in HD. Gone are the blurred edges, and in their place is vivid colour. Some of the stages are like works of art. Take, for example Painted Swampland. The entire level has Van Gogh’s The Starry Night as the backdrop. The level is simply breath taking. Now I understand that Nintendo are about 5 years too late with the whole HD thing, but my point still stands the graphics in Mario aren’t weak, they are fact beautiful. The only issue is that this is what is expected from a game now days.

The second thing I picked up on was the whole adding friends thing. When reading up on the console before launch, the procedure of adding friends was presented to me as a kind of ordeal. However, in practise it isn’t that bad. You have to add the person and they have to add you. The thing is, how often do you add somebody to your friend list, who you don’t have some kind of contact with? Contact them through your mobile, or on Facebook, twitter, or some kind of social media. It’s not hard to get somebody’s Network ID in this day and age. But if you can’t get in contact with them you could always use the one way request. Now granted this is as annoying as I stated last time. You have to do it through Miiverse. Though to be fair its not hard to do, just annoying.

I also mentioned the issue with Nintendo IDs being tied down to the console they were registered on. Now this is still an issue. The lack of migration could end up being a problem. Say for example your Wii U broke. Then you would have to make a whole new account. This doesn’t seem like a great system, but then again the Wii U doesn’t have achievements so by losing your account what have you actually lost? You could always just add your friends again, couldn’t you?

Now, onto my final point. I said that the Wii U could get left behind when the other 8th generation consoles are released. This sadly is a question that can’t be answered after a few days of play. This is going to take a few years. It’s possible that the Wii U could end up full of shovel ware, there is also the chance it won’t. But as I say it’s going to take a while to answer the question.

So I feel like I should sum up. When I first wrote about the Wii U I said that there was a possibility that people like me, who blindly buy things out of some crazed brand loyalty, are part of the problem. But so far I don’t see any problems. I’m enjoying the Wii U. I honestly don’t care if it makes some corporation loads of money, or if it turns out to be a failure. All that I care about is the fact that most of the things I was worried about aren’t really problems at all. So all in all I like the Wii U and I don’t really care if you don’t!

By Matt Husselbury
Twitter: @Messiah_MPH
Facebook: /tubelove
Instagram: messiah_mph



  1. Wii U username: Messiah_MPH

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