Monthly Archives: January 2013

If only the Wii U had some games

Last week Nintendo put one of their happy shiny Nintendo Direct videos out into the world. It was basically a look at what games are on the horizon for their new Wii U. All good so far, except it rang like a company that was desperately throwing what scraps of food it could to the […]

Wind Waker HD: Something New or Just Blowing Smoke?

So…You live in a small Island community. Everything is great. The sun is shining, and the sea is cool. Then everything is taken from you. Your sister is taken and its up to you, the hero of legend, to save her. What I am describing here is none other than Wind Waker, the GameCube classic. […]

Education, Technology and the Kids of Tomorrow

Brought up into this era of technology, and gadgets that make ‘real’ social interaction a thing of the past, children these days seem to have vastly reduced attention spans. Kids tend to be glued to TV screens, phones and tablets, and on the whole seem to have less interest in running around outside pretending they’re […]

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I’m gonna try something a bit different today and have a bit of a rant but with a positive twist in it. As my title implies I’m going to pick on 3 topics from the last few weeks that I think have been good, bad and just plain ugly. Lets start on a cheery good […]

Joshua Intros – The Mountain Goats

Joshua Intros: The Mountain Goats Dear Readers, Here is a slight change of pace. I will not be ranting or raving about something random about YouTube or Music. This week I feel like introducing you to a new band I have come to love. They are called “The Mountain Goats”. A low-fi folk rock band […]

Clip Show II

It’s now time on OHO for another instalment of our clip show. We’re gonna have a look at three of our favourite article in the last few months, bit of a trip down memory lane for ourselves and some of our loyal readers. For those of you who are new to the blog it’s also […]

DIY Music: The Future of Music Production?

The last few years have seen a real change in music. Naturally music changes all the time, and like with clothing trends we’re hit with different themes that sort of get labelled with a particular decade or era or whatever. But the thing I want to focus on here is the change in producing the […]