New Year’s Resolutions

OHO have decided to publish the New Years Resolutions of some of our contributors. We hope this might give you some ideas of your own or at least give you a bit of entertainment. Hope you enjoy reading them, Happy 2013 and we shall be resuming normal service soon.

My New Years resolution is a simple one. As a citizen of the United Kingdom I currently have a quite frankly illegal hatred of football, as a previous blog will explain. So this year I’m going to give football a chance. Now I’m not saying that I’m going to force myself to like it, I am however going to watch a few games and try to experience it the way a fan would. After all just as watching a film at home by yourself is different to seeing it in a packed cinema, football too can’t simply be watched in any old way. As such I’m going to open a beer, cheer when a particular team scores and shout racist/homophobic remarks at the TV, like a proper football supporter does. I am of course joking. Football is crap and New Years resolutions are bad for you so don’t do them. You’re perfect just the way you are.

Ian Dutton


New Year’s resolutions…no matter what I say here there is a good chance that come January 1st I will have already broken them. Every year I say that I’m going to be more positive, be healthier, and seize the day or some other bullshit. This year however, I’m going to be more realistic. This year I’m going to set myself a simple one; I’m going to do something every day. I tend to spend a lot of time doing absolutely nothing, and then complain that I’m bored. So in 2013 I’m going to occupy myself everyday. I could learn a new language, take up a sport, go for walks, take a train ride, or sit at home and watch TV. Trust me the latter is the most likely of all of them. I know that’s defeatist, but hay I said I wasn’t going to try and be more positive so get off my back. Anywho… Have a good 2013!

Matt Husselbury


For my New Years resolution I have decided to try and stop being annoyed. Specifically at people who are complete idiots. Let me be clear that I don’t have a problem with idiots per say. I’m perfectly happy for people to sit at home thinking the world is going to end because some lazy Mayan decided to clock off early and not write the Callander for 2013. As far as I can work out that doesn’t affect me particularly. What I do have a problem with are idiots with power (or at least a platform). My two joint top idiots for 2012 are Donald Trump and George Galloway. The former for not accepting categorical evidence that Obama was born in America and the latter for thinking if you wake up after having sex with someone and then rape them that’s just bad manners. Come to think of it these people shouldn’t be allowed to carry on spouting their ridiculous crap so sod resolutions I’m going to carry on shouting at the proverbial brick wall that is the Internet. Roll on 2013!

Jack Troup


This year I am going to take a practical approach to my resolution. One that will benefit me greatly. As one of the Laziest men on the planet and perhaps the King of Procrastination, I plan to increase the amount of effort that I put into everything, whether this is one of the many projects I am a part of, relationships with friends, family and others, any studies that I am partaking in or will partake in, my music and my work.

This may seem like a cop out of sorts, but, when you are someone who puts more effort into watching 4 hours + of Youtube (which needs to be done if I am to blog about it) than, let’s say, doing an assignment for a course that will lead me to a better job than stacking shelves, or perhaps saying you will produce a blog every week and having missed over a month (my only excuse is I have had to work a lot of overtime at Christmas, but I had more than enough time on Boxing day to write something whilst enjoying my 10 hour Superman Marathon).

So this year, I plan to be a better person overall. And to put at least twice as much more effort into everything I do.

Josh Sinclair


New Year’s Eve is probably the most optimistic day of the year, with bold promises being made left right and centre to making sure the next year sees a happier, healthier, or just all round better you. I guess part of the reason January is the most depressing month of the year is that people seem to break these New Year resolutions before the first month has even finished. Of course I am no different, but I like to give myself targets that (if nothing else) push me to achieve something out of each day. This year I’m not going to set unrealistic ‘seize the day’ (how do you even do that?) resolutions, I’m going to keep it simple with the hope of actually achieving something from it. So here goes… this year my resolution is to be more organised. To be honest, this is a bit of a cop out because I wouldn’t call myself a walking disorganised mess. However I have become more forgetful lately and I definitely need to learn to start writing stuff down instead of assuming that my brain can retain every piece of info that’s thrown at it – it really can’t!

Joe Topliffe


We hope you’ve enjoyed your 2012 and have a brilliant 2013, we will still be here and we hope you keep reading. Thanks to everyone whose been reading regularly and welcome if this is your first read of us, we hope you stick around.


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