An Open Letter on the Brilliant Music Scene on Youtube

An Open Letter on the Brilliant Music Scene on YouTube

Dear Readers,

Forgive me for my long absence. I have been too easily distracted and somewhat overworked during the Christmas months (which seem to start back in August now, but that is a topic for someone else at a more appropriate time of year).

I wish to introduce you to the magical and inspiring world of Music on YouTube. I am not talking about how the popular music and music industry use YouTube as another medium to get artists heard. I am talking about the great YouTubers that create musical content specifically for their YouTube audiences. Forget your cheesy love songs, gangsta raps and overly dub-stepped and Auto tuned pop. I am talking about Folk songs sung to a Drive-Thru machine ordering a mass of food in the hope that the poor sod on the other side gets the order wrong, but instead gets it 100% right.

The songs about Sideburns and Rainbow Farting Cats, of memes and socially humorous moments that are so normal that it seems crazy that someone would write a song about it and YouTube is the only place you’ll find songs about Quarks and Quantum Physics.
So please enjoy this week my playlist to you, our dearest readers, and enjoy this plethora of mind bogglingly genius songs.

Yours, as ever

Joshua – Le Internet Medley – A Cat Farting Rainbows flying through Space – A Song about Sideburns – Quantum Physics – Duet with Himself – Singing for Food – The Most Amazing Parody

P.S. Please reply back with some of your Favourite Internet Songs


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