An Open Letter to the Fashion Cycle

To the Idea that Fashion cycles round in a circle,

YOU SUCK! You are nothing but a lie, a trick to all who love a certain style. I say this because I am a massive lover of the 70’s both its psychedelic music and its fashion of tight arsed and wide bell bottomed trousers and jeans. The Golden haired gods with their voices wailing like an angel’s war cry and the disco rhythms and funky wild afros. Where have they gone?

We constantly make fun of the 80’s commonly referred to the time that style forgot, yet as I walk down every street and browse the many windows I see the retro 80’s everywhere making its come back. Along with this Vintage stores and the hipster look is forced down our throats everywhere, with bands and groups like Fun and Mumford and Sons taking the lead in 30-50’s revival. Even the 60’s crop here and there with girl groups loving the days of early Diana Ross.

But no, why does the 70’s never get a repeat? Yes, we occasionally see a few classic punks hover around. But, where have Jimi Hendrix, Robert Plant, Rodger Daltrey, Funkadelic/Parliament gone? The period of time where men and women were wild thangs.

Little is left of the 70’s, we occasionally see a woman going to work in a pair of flared trousers, and maybe a platform shoe or two crop up. But, I find it unfair that the 70’s gets looked over so quickly. Yes, it was a bit of a mess with Prog Rock and Psychedellia messing with our minds (and other substances). But we were free to be wild, fighting against the man.

Unfortunately, this may be down to a failed 70’s revival in the early 2000’s when one band exploded onto the scene. The Darkness, with their tight pants, high pitched voice and wailing shred guitar, was seen as a farce, their choice of styled marred as a mock gimmick. Then a couple of serious bands poked out of some cracks like Wolfmother and Jet (who were more Ramones but they had Psychedelic elements) both unfortunately could not massively break into the mainstream world.

So, here I am stuck reading Classic Rock magazine seeing if any of the young artists of the Prog rock and psychedelic worlds can break out of the nursing homes they were born in and be welcomed into 21st Century. Hoping that I won’t have to spend £60 on another pair of bell bottoms, or hope that I find a pair in some “vintage” shop which easily looks over this amazing period of time.

So dear readers I sit here half mourning over a period of time that is being forgotten, and fear that there will never be a 70’s revival whilst I am young. That I will have only the hope of embarrassing my children when they turn into teenagers and loving how they can walk out of the house with bell bottoms, afros and thick, wild and curly golden locks.

Yours Regretfully,

Joshua – to Hendrix we salute – Awooooooo! – and so they return!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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