Clip Show II

It’s now time on OHO for another instalment of our clip show. We’re gonna have a look at three of our favourite article in the last few months, bit of a trip down memory lane for ourselves and some of our loyal readers. For those of you who are new to the blog it’s also a chance to see more of our old articles and hopefully enjoy reading them.

Hyper Muse Ian went to see Muse live at the MEN. Here’s his review/memories of the night, if anyone else has seen them live them please tell us about them in the comments section.

Superheroes and Social Media Joe wonders what it would be like if our favourite superheroes used social media, and why you never see them on Twitter, despite all the technology they have access to.

Don’t forget about the Bass Josh loves the bass guitar and wants everyone to appreciate it as much as he does. It does tend to get a bit forgotten in the world of modern music so Josh is asking us all to think about this unsung hero.

Hope you enjoyed the Clip Show! See you on Sunday for our Weekly Date and Monday for a brand new week of opinions.


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