Joshua Intros – The Mountain Goats

Joshua Intros: The Mountain Goats

Dear Readers,

Here is a slight change of pace. I will not be ranting or raving about something random about YouTube or Music. This week I feel like introducing you to a new band I have come to love.
They are called “The Mountain Goats”. A low-fi folk rock band from North Carolina who have been around since 2002 and have made 14 albums. My favourite being The Sunset Tree, where lead singer and only continuous member of the band John Darnielle describes moments from his troubled and difficult teenage life. The highlight of the album is the track “This Year”. This has become my anthem for the year, as having just left Uni and stuck being patient and working for an unsure future, this song seems to be giving me that push to fight for what I want, to attack any of the walls that may be slowing me down in reaching my dream.

John describes his relationship with his alcoholic stepfather and the adventure and emotions he went through at the age of 17. The first couple songs describe the sort of relationship he had with his stepdad and then brings on the focus of the album, describing the feeling of escape and freedom, which is definitely something that may apply to many of you, the readers, as most of us have just left University and are now looking for an escape into our independence and freedom. The album closes with an uplifting message of how acting and doing things in life based purely on love can be both a blessing and a curse to your life and discusses the difficulties of aiming and fighting for a dream and becoming content with an easy existence.

But, overall it is a great album; one that is perfect as background whilst reading your favourite novel or as something to stare at your ceiling as you contemplate life, the future and love. An album definitely worth giving a listen to and one that will happily sit on your iPod or mp3 players for a long time and further.

Please take some time and listen to my favourite tracks from the Album:

The Sunset Tree by The Mountain Goats (best read with a novel written by the bands biggest fan John Green 2012 Pulitzer Prize Winner with his book The Fault in Our Stars) – This Year – Up the Wolves – Love, Love, Love

By Josh Sinclair


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