The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I’m gonna try something a bit different today and have a bit of a rant but with a positive twist in it. As my title implies I’m going to pick on 3 topics from the last few weeks that I think have been good, bad and just plain ugly. Lets start on a cheery good note before I really get into my ranting stride.

My good story involves footballers behaviour off the pitch. Most of the time with footballers in their private lives the story is about the falling out of a night club drunk, sleeping with a teammate’s wife or beating someone up just because they can. But actually I’m going to praise a footballer for being a genuinely nice guy, doesn’t happen often. The footballer in question is Angel Rangel who is a full back for Swansea City. The story goes that he and his wife were having a coffee in a cafe when the owner asked then if they wanted to take some sandwiches home. Apparently he was closing up for the day and wouldn’t be able to sell them tomorrow. Rangel and his wife said they’d take all of them and give them to a good cause. After driving around for a while and even taking to Twitter for suggestions they ended up at a homeless shelter.

I have to say footballers get a lot of criticism these days for being selfish over paid man babies, but Rangel is in danger here of giving footballers a good name as he’s even said he’s going to start volunteering on a regular basis. Got to say what a nice guy. Now we’re all happy, warm and fuzzy it’s time to turn to the bad. As you’ve probably noticed in the last few days its been snowing. Now I’m not against snow per se, even if it did mean I had to cancel a trip to London. It’s the reaction where we as a nation let ourselves down. There are plenty of places in the world where snow is a year round problem and they seem to manage. Why Britain seems to grind to a halt whenever a bit of snow falls is beyond me, especially when it’s forecast well in advance.

The ugly I want to highlight is founded in advertising and the government. Apparently some bright spark has suggested taking out adverts in Romanian and Bulgaria, where restrictions on immigration to the UK expire next year, to emphasise the bad things about living in Britain. Apparently they want to advertise how bad the weather is and how high unemployment is (see these three topics a linked tenuously). Whoever sat in a meeting and suggested this idea is obviously brave, but a complete moron. First our weather is not that bad, despite what I have just said above, and anyway surly it’s about the same as quite a lot of Europe. Secondly unemployment is bad everywhere (funny that in a GLOBAL recession), the whole reason people are thinking of coming here is because employment is even worse in their own country.

I’m going to end here as I think I’m going to start to lose my thread in the rant and start to make no sense. Remember at the start with Rangel and how warm that made you feel, sorry about taking that away with the rest of this article but I needed to pad it out.

Bay Jack Troup


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