If only the Wii U had some games

Last week Nintendo put one of their happy shiny Nintendo Direct videos out into the world. It was basically a look at what games are on the horizon for their new Wii U. All good so far, except it rang like a company that was desperately throwing what scraps of food it could to the peasants so a revolution wouldn’t happen. Yesterday Matt posted a blog all about how the Wii U is amazing and how the Nintendo Direct blew him away. But I wasn’t impressed, not in the slightest by the Nintendo Direct, and I’m not impressed by the Wii U at all.

Now let me make it clear that I like the idea of the Wii U. I like that Nintendo are going back to focusing on proper gamers rather than people who think that waggling a plastic stick at a sensor is entertainment. The problem that I have is that the Wii U has a 1 year head start on the new PS and Xbox and they are completely blowing it. At launch the Wii U got the worst versions of games like Assassins Creed 3 and Batman Arkham City (the latter not only had a worse frame-rate that the other versions but also as it was ‘brand new’ it cost twice as much). And it goes from bad to worse. I’m a PS gamer so what is there to attract me to Wii U this year over a) the new PS4 or b) my current PS3 even? Crysis 3? Not coming on Wii U. GTA V? Nope. Bioshock Infinite? No. Tomb Raider? No. Dead Space 3? No. Metal Gear Rising: Revengence? No. Splinter Cell Blacklist. No No No No No. The list goes on. Things are so bad that what’s Nintendo’s big christmas game? (one that will be selling the Wii U against the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony) thats right, a 10 year old game that they’ve vajazzled. Wind Waker HD. What’s worse is that they’ve admitted to working on a proper new exciting Zelda game but WWHD is just there to tide people over. Well you know what? If games were actually getting released they wouldn’t need a remake to fill the gap. This will be the Wii U’s second christmas. The second christmas of PS3 saw Uncharted and for Xbox 360 it saw Gears of War. Now with all this said, yes Nintendo are showing off a new proper Mario and Mario Kart game at E3. If they come out for christmas I’ll happily eat my own words, though it still doesn’t change the fact that when it comes to 3rd party games the Wii U is headed for the same fate as its big brother.

Regardless of what Matt said yesterday, releasing Wind Waker HD is NOT the same as all the HD collections you see. For a starter they’re ‘collections’ as in you get several games (usually 3). Next they’re not the big christmas game that fans have the date circled on the calendar for, they’re not put out there as system sellers, the Jak and Daxter collection is just a collection for fans of the series, not a reason to buy a PS3. And finally the collections are cheap, £30 at max for 3 games, which if bought individually on the PSN usually cost £12. I bet ya Wind Waker HD will be a full priced game, £40.

Plus theres the whole debacle about downloading classic games. If I buy a PS1 game from the PSN I get to play it across all devices and I can even transfer saves from one to another (eg play a bit of Klonoa on the Vita then continue on my PS3). On the Wii U though Nintendo are making you pay extra for the increased functionality. Nope. Not gonna happen. Who is Nintendo’s competitor when it comes to classic gaming? Sony? It’s emulators. I’m more than happy to pay for classic PS1 games from the PSN because I know I’m going to be able to play them natively on any new PS device. With Nintendo though why the hell would I? If I buy a NES game on 3DS I don’t even get to play it on Wii U, I have to buy it again! Sony can have my money but Nintendo can’t.

There you have it. I’m right and Matt is wrong. Plus our next gaming debate goes up tomorrow. See you then.

For a blog that thinks Wind Waker HD is a good thing I suggest clicking here

By Ian Dutton


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  1. […] I have bought is The Cave, which is cross platform game anyway. The Wii U is suffering due to a poor catalogue of games. I find it very strange that a console can be released and no real games be released with it. […]

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