Dear Readers,

I would like to make a vague retraction towards something that I have discussed or mentioned in my previous blogs. I have mentioned or implied that contemporary music just does not cut it against the classics; I have implied on many occasions that music is not the same anymore and less thought goes into it. I would like to retract most of this statement and apologise for my close mindedness, I have realised through a variety of sources that music progresses forward, changing and evolving constantly.

I am not saying that I like all contemporary music, now but have found a new appreciation for contemporary pop/rock music, and in this have both realised a huge selection of artists I have began to enjoy and allowed myself to look out for the music of today that speaks to me.
This realisation has come to me first and foremost by two memes that I have found on the internet, I wish I could find them but, sometimes the internet can become a bit of a maze, but I can easily pass the message on to you. The first meme I read gave examples of lyrics from the 70’s and today, giving the examples of Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven and Nicki Minaj’s You a Hoe, the comparison did show that Stairway to Heaven was a brilliantly metaphorical song, in comparison to the chorus of You a Hoe, in which for 45 seconds the phrase “You, you a, you a hoe” is repeated. But later on this meme was expanded including a 70’s disco hit whose chorus went “da da da da da da da da…” and a Florence and The Machines song, although I am not a fan or a listener I do feel as if the lyrics were worked on closely and intimately by the artist trying to relay her emotions through the metaphors within them. (Forgive me for sounding pretentious I am only hoping to sound sincere and thoughtful).

The second meme showed in 6 stills depicts the following scene:
-Character A: I don’t listen to contemporary music; it sucks in comparison to previous generations
-Character B: Music is not defined by what is in the charts, stop being a closed minded “^%&£$%£%&£ and search for music that you may like.
-Character A: B-b-b-but Justin Bieber, Skrillex, Nicki Min…….
Character A: (Holding a glass of whiskey)…I need to rethink my entire life…

Next I was changed mysteriously by bands who try to remake the classics, I have tried to read Classic Rock magazine on occasion and have found myself trying to listen to young bands that have the “classic rock” sound, I then get excited find them on YouTube and listen intently only to be left disappointed, as they felt too same-y or taking themselves way too seriously. Some bands have been relatively successful with this “copycat” sound such as The Darkness, Reckless Love etc. But, this is usually because of a humorous tongue in cheek attitude that they take towards their music, sound and style (musically and fashion-ly).

Finally, I recently went through a creative issue with some people I was trying to write a song with, I was trying to give the song a more contemporary edgy rock sound, along the lines of Foo Fighters (although the way I had originally recorded it made it sound more like late Blink 182/McFly???) the person I was collaborating with however, is a known Blues junkie, is addicted to the raw old sound of original blues, from such artists as BB King, Howling Wolf and Chuck Berry. I will be honest and say that this is within my band, Crooked Wolf, and with wanting a career in the music industry I would very much like to be enjoyed by my age group and that is today’s contemporary young audience, who I feel do not want to listen to a raw and old fashioned style of playing. And, here, I found a part of myself appearing in this other person making me realise just how stubborn, awkward and difficult I was/am. I am not saying that music today isn’t hitting a similar issue where it’s all becoming too same-y and outdated, but no one has quite made that new sound, dubstep seemed to be doing something like that, but it has been dragged into every single pop, hip-hop, r’n’b, dance, “rock” track in the charts and is just losing momentum.
Music is about taking something that has been done over and over again and then find a way to twist just enough that it doesn’t become scary and experimental (not to say that that sort of music should not exist I am merely speaking towards the more “popular” styles of music). I do believe there are a few acts that have begun to do this, whether they are a band who writes all their own stuff or a girl group formed through the Brit Academy, if you just look there is music which is interesting a different, but that will not scare you away.

We should look to the past once and while, there are hits there that simply don’t and won’t age, but we living in 2000 and something, the past has evolved, adapted and moved onto new things. Sticking in the past is very, very rarely a good thing.

I hope that my humble opinion was in some way coherent and interesting to at least some you.

Yours Sincerely

Joshua – New Group you should definitely check out!

P.S. I would love hear feedback on what you guys have to say, it feels a little odd talking to a silent audience. So please share your humble opinions as well!


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