Writing and the Internet

I came to the sudden realization recently, I spend the
majority of my life, on the internet. Some people would say “I
waste my life on the internet.” But I really don’t see it as a
waste. You see, I have an audience, a following of people who read
my writing. I don’t make any money off it, I doubt I ever will, but
that’s okay. It’s okay because I know that there are some people in
this world who enjoy reading my poetry and that makes me want to
write more. When I was in high school, writing was one of my least
favourite things to do. I was fine if I was writing because I
wanted to, but when it came to writing for essays and reports, I
just could not sit still long enough to be productive. A major
player in that lack-of ability to write, is probably ADHD, but the
biggest reason was that I didn’t enjoy what I was writing. Now, I
write in my free time because I enjoy writing. I’ve always had
trouble expressing my emotions in face-to-face conversation but I
am very good at expressing emotions in writing; specifically
poetry. So if I could offer one piece of advice to anyone today who
wants to write but can’t ever find the write things to write about,
I offer a few simple pieces of advice. First, use the internet; the
internet is an infinite source of inspiration, and information.
However, it can both motivate and discourage, so you have to be
careful where you look. It is also an amazing place to get feedback
on your writing if you find the write place to show it. Second,
step away from the keyboard. Go to the store, buy a notebook and a
pen, and write. The internet is great for inspiration, but sitting
in front of a computer, writing becomes a lot less personal. Third,
do not write because you have to. You won’t be able to write unless
you want to write. You have to be inspired, you have to have a
reason to write. Trying to write when you do not want only stifles
inspiration and smothers creativity. And when you do write, I
recommend you find a good place to share your writing, so you can
get feedback and improve your writing. With writing, the old phrase
rings true; practice really does make perfect. By Alex



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