Joshua Intros – Education as Entertainment

Dear Readers, I’d like to introduce you to the crazy idea
that education can be entertainment, but as a massive nerd I do
find that, depending on the teacher and the topic, learning can be
both fun and educational. Now, I am not trying to be all “modern
education hip teacher” I am going to introduce to a number of
things that I subscribe to through YouTube to be entertained whilst
I learnt. Crash Course:
Crash Course hosts shows which discuss and explain a variety of
topics to the audience in an entertaining way, giving a great
balance between education that treats you as if you are an
intelligent human being and not as if you’re a lost little toddler
sat in a Masters Level lecture. It does this through a variety of
humorous cartoon clips, which help to outline and describe whatever
topic is being discussed. Crash Course so far has series in
Biology, Ecology, World History, Literature, American History and
Chemistry. SciShow: SciShow has
a variety of programs including News Updates from the World of
Science, Doses of the History of Science, theories and discoveries
from all bands of Science, a Talk Show where they are usually
joined by a cute or interesting animal and experiments that can be
done at home with easy to find objects. The Brain Scoop: The Brain Scoop is a very
interesting new Channel that has come to the YouTube scene, one
that has to warn the audience as to how gross an episode is. Hosted
by a curator of a Zoological Museum in Montana University, we are
given an inside look into the workings of a Zoological Museum,
where we are shown a variety of collection of Animal Skeletons,
Hides and Stuffed Creatures, alongside this we are shown the
process by which animals are studied and prepared. This does
include skin/fur removal and gutting of large animals so any with a
weak stomach should be prepared for what they will see on this
show. And nothing is blurred out; all scalpel incisions, escaping
liquids and biles are oozing out throughout each episode. So I hope
you will click on the links above and laugh and learn your way
through these great YouTube channels. Yours happy as ever


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