Wii Will Be Together Forever

So…Have you ever been in a relationship where everything is going great, your partner is wonderful and everything they say and do is alluring to you? The thing is the glow always darkens; suddenly that little laugh that used to set your heart alight is now an annoying cackle that pains you to the pit of your soul. Yeah, things have changed, or have they? Are you just merely looking at the same thing from two different perspectives? You may now be asking what all this philosophical bullshit has to do with my blog. Well it has a rather tenuous link, see I was going to try and use this analogy to start an exploration into my relationship with the Wii U, but you asked too many questions and I lost my trail of thought. Anyway let’s delve in.

All those months back I wrote a blog on how excited I was about the Wii U coming out (in fact I’m pretty sure it was my first blog). I was pretty excited, and I had every reason to be. As a Nintendo fan the thought of the latest console had me salivating like a dog at hearing a gong at Pavlov’s house. I’m going to go a bit further with this analogy. You see just like Pavlov’s dogs I’ve been conditioned to respond to the sound of Nintendo announcing a new console by running out and giving them my money. So anyway I was excited, I was also cautious though. I was aware that the launch line up wasn’t exactly stellar and that the Wii U wouldn’t be breaking any new ground graphically. But hey I was looking forward to it! Then it came out. I was so happy; I was in love. To me the Wii U was that partner I described earlier (in only a plutonic and philosophical sense, I’m yet to find a way to have sex with the console). I even wrote about how I was wrong to doubt the console. I explained that all my doubts were simply just paranoia and that the Wii U was in fact a fun little console.

A genuine (reconstruction) of me first playing the Wii U. The original has been destroyed due to poor hair, partly sleep deprived facial features and the general state I looked.

A genuine (reconstruction) of me first playing the Wii U. The original has been destroyed due to poor hair, partly sleep deprived facial features and the general state I looked.

Here is the problem; nothing has changed since back in December. The top games for the console are still those released back on launch day. In fact I actually haven’t bought a new physical game since launch day. The only game I have bought is The Cave, which is cross platform game anyway. The Wii U is suffering due to a poor catalogue of games. I find it very strange that a console can be released and no real games be released with it. It’s sad to me, because the Wii U as a concept has promise, it plays well and the DS has shown that the dual screen function is a money maker. However it needs to be backed up by the release of some games to make use of the feature, and so far Nintendo has yet to deliver in that department.  The lack of quality games isn’t the only thing that is bothering me about the console though, on Wednesday the PS4 is going to be announced and with it the start of the next wave of game consoles. This could well spell problems for the already troubled console. Currently the Wii U is getting releases from the Xbox and PS3 ported to it, but when the undoubtedly more powerful PS4 and Xbox 720 are released surely this will stop, and the Wii U will enter the realm of shovelware that the Wii ended up in. It’s a worry is the point I’m trying to make.

I do love my Wii U. I have deeply enjoyed playing ZombiU and Mario U was a good game, which I’m still tussling with, I’ve got a few more star coins to collect and some of the challenges are still eluding me. Then there are the games on the store; some of them are pretty good too. As I mentioned before, The Cave was a great game and I still have some mileage to get out of it; there are still some good endings I have get. I don’t want to get too much into the game though, as I intend to write a blog on it at some point. The point I’m making is that I do love my Wii U I’m just feeling a little disillusioned by the whole thing.  I want more and right now I’m not getting it. I don’t want to have to go elsewhere, so please Nintendo don’t make me.

I’m going to sum this up because I’m rambling. Back at the start of this blog I mentioned the analogy of the partner. The thing is I’m not quite at the stage where I’m done with Nintendo yet. True I get annoyed at them, and sometimes think it would be better another way. But, like with any slightly weird and borderline obsessive relationship analogy it’s all about dealing with the ups and downs and reaching a happy medium. The Wii U may be in a bit of a slump, but things will turn around. More games will get released and grey skies will clear up. Or we could end up with a snake eating its own tail issue. Poor sales can mean fewer games are released and, in turn, the lack of games can decrease sales. If that happens then I will be one of the few people who own a Wii U, and as a collector that would be pretty cool. So either way I kinda win.

By Matt Husselbury

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  1. perpletertle · · Reply

    I don’t understand Satoru Iwata either: he made the Wii and DS into massive successes yet he does stupid things like release consoles without any games! He must know that there’s a Pavlov-like army of casual gamers/chavs who are ready to grab their trendy new PS4s/Xboxes instead of his products.

  2. It’s such as shame as well, because the Wii U is a lovely little console. I don’t think the issue is casual gamers buying the other consoles. The issue is that Nintendo is offering nothing to this core market,

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