Head-to-Head Football Predictions: Week 1

Howdy sports fans! (Did I just say ‘howdy’? Never mind, I’ll run with it).

We like to keep things interesting here at Our Humble Opinions, and this week we’ve got a new feature to share with you. We realise we spend a lot of time talking about tech and gaming, but that’s mainly just because we’re all a bit geeky, and we like to let it out from time to time. Anyway for those of you who miss our football rants, we’ve got a treat lined up. Welcome to the first week of ‘Head-to-Head Football Predictions’; a new feature where Jack and Joe get their equivalent of Ian and Matt’s
gaming debates. The only difference here being that instead of using persuasion and argument to decide who wins each week, we’re going for plain old fashioned stats – and we all know that the
stats don’t lie.

Simple enough really, Jack and Joe are going head-to-head on Premier League football predictions, the results of which will be shown in a follow up article after the matches have been played. The rules are simple, 1 point for a correct result prediction (e.g. Liverpool to win), and 3 points for the correct
score (e.g. Liverpool to win 2-0). So let’s get the ball rolling for week 1!

Fulham v Stoke

 0-2. Stoke are a tough side to beat, especially at home. Their away form hasn’t been brilliant,
but Fulham to me are a bit of a lightweight team and I think Stoke will dominate the middle of the park.

 1-1. Fulham have the home advantage, but don’t quite have the skill to dominate a very tough
and physical Stoke side. However Stoke themselves aren’t known for their fluid, attractive football, so I think they’ll sort of cancel each other out.

Arsenal v Aston Villa

Jack: 3-1. Despite an obvious confidence knock in mid-week against Bayern, Arsenal should still
have the quality to overcome Villa. Villa are a youthful side so I can see that energy bringing them a goal but in the end Arsenal should see it through.

Joe: 3-0. Arsene Wenger was totally humiliated by Bayern in Arsenal’s last game, so will be looking to bounce back with a much improved performance. What better team to come up against next for doing
this than an under-performing Villa?

Norwich v Everton

Jack: 0-4. Norwich have been poor all season and have been prone to losing heavily against sides in the top half of the table. Everton don’t score many goals but I could see them filling their boots away at Norwich.

Joe: 1-2. Everton have had a fantastic season so far, and must be favourites here. However they’ve slowed down of late, and have been misfiring up front. Norwich won’t be easy to beat, particularly
away from home, but I think they’ll just nick it.

QPR v Man Utd

Jack: 1-2. Man Utd are top of the table and I can’t see that changing too soon. The danger for them is being complacent especially against QPR who are fighting their way out of relegation. Utd should still
have the quality but QPR won’t make it comfortable for them.

 1-3. Bottom vs. Top – QPR have a chance if they can keep it level at half time, although I think once United go ahead QPR heads will drop, making it easy for the reds.

Reading v Wigan

Jack: 0-0. Both sides are short of quality at both ends of the field. My prediction is that they will
cancel each other out and this will be a game of few chances. Not going to be a quality game and probably be last on MOD.

Joe: 1-0. Wigan may lose focus on this one and be thinking about their quarter final tie in the FA Cup.
Reading are a good team on their day, and have a habit of snatching something late on.

West Brom v Sunderland

Jack: 1-1. These two teams have been a bit unpredictable in the league this season. I’ve plumped for a scoring draw because both teams have quality goal scorers but lack a quality midfield, making it
difficult for either one to get a proper foothold in the game.

 2-1. Sunderland have been lacking creativity all season, and have relied on their top scorer Fletcher for goals. West Brom will be tough to beat, and I can see Lukaku putting a couple past the black cats. I’m also going to predict Danny Graham scoring his first goal for Sunderland.

Man City v Chelsea

Jack: 2-1. Man City will be desperate to try and catch Utd this weekend and will go all out against
Chelsea. I’ve got a gut feeling that this could be a draw until a last gasp winner from City.

Joe: 3-2. If Man City lose this one, it’s pretty much curtains for them in the title race. They’ll go into this one all guns blazing, and I’m hoping for a few goals (and probably a mandatory Lampard goal for
Chelsea – he’s on top form at the moment).

Newcastle v Southampton

Jack: 0-1. Newcastle are in decline after a good start to the season, the influx of French players hasn’t helped much in my opinion. I could see Southampton nicking a goal and defending well to get a much
needed 3 points.

Joe: 0-0. Both sides in desperate need of points, but I think Newcastle’s splurge in the
January transfer window has caused them to lose their rhythm as their players haven’t yet gelled. Southampton aren’t having the best of times either though, so I’ll go for a draw.

West Ham v Tottenham

 0-3. Tottenham are sitting pretty in the Champions League places and the spurs of old that
used to slip up right at the last minute seem to have gone. I can’t see them making a mistake against West Ham who will get hammered on Monday.

Joe: 1-3. West Ham really aren’t a bad team, but Tottenham are simply unstoppable at the
moment. Gareth Bale thinks he’s Ronaldo, and he’s starting to show why.

Football Predictions Table

So as things stand before the week 1 scores are in, Jack is leading in alphabetical order. Will he maintain this winning position once the points come in? We’ll find out next week! Thanks for checking out our new feature, and we hope you’ll stick around as we bring you updates on how good (or terrible) Jack and Joe are at predicting scores in ‘the beautiful game’.


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  1. […] In case you’ve just joined us, the rules of Head-to-Head are simple, 1 point scored for Jack or Joe if they predict the correct result for each match (e.g. Liverpool to win), and a score of 3 points is awarded if they predict the correct scoreline (e.g. Liverpool to win 2-1). Each game holds a potential maximum 3 points, as predicting the correct scoreline overwrites the 1 point you’d gain just for getting the right result. To see what Jack and Joe predicted, check out the football predictions from week 1! […]

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