Weekly Update

Here’s your weekly update from OHO

Monday Alex reminisces about the technology he dreamed of as a child, some of the have come true, some of them not so much. So why oh why do people allow their language to slip, read on to find out.

Tuesday Matt asked a question to you the readers and the whole of the Internet. Is The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time the greatest game ever? Lets find out.

Wednesday Another instalment of our Gaming Hall of Fame debates. This week it’s Mortal Kombat v Street Fighter. If I was smarter I’d come up with a pun about fighting and debating but I’m not so get over it.

Thursday Joe wants to know, does the world revolve around the Internet. Facebook, Twitter, email, google can you honestly say you can go a whole day without checking one of these?

Friday After Jack’s thrashing last week he out for revenge. Can Joe hold on at the top of the table? Will Jack be relegated from a league of two? Who knows? Who cares? I do!

Hope you enjoyed the week on OHO, see you next week for more opinions.


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  1. I have a question and I suspect you may have an answer. We are not serious gamers. I’m more scrabble and my husband is more Trivial Pursuits. BUT. In order to hook up for alternative services like Hulu and Netflix, we need a console. Being retired and living on fixed social security, money is no small consideration … but I also need to get something that will work and not need to be replaced a week later. There are a bunch of new consoles out that seem to be aimed at this market, but I know little or nothing about this hardware. Computers I know, but this stuff is a different ball game. Any suggestions? Help? Because I’m hesitant to make a purchase when I understand so little of the technology. Thanks in advance and will appreciate any assistance you might feel inclined to provide.

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