Top 5: Favourite PS1 Games

Seeing as top 5 lists are pretty popular amongst readers and kinda fun to write, I thought it’d be nice to share my 5 favourite games for my favourite home console; the Sony PlayStation.

5: Future Cop LAPD

If you haven’t heard of this one I won’t be surprised, its a fairly niche title that has a strong following amongst those who have played it. You play as a police vehicle called X1-Alpha that can transform from a hover car to a fully walking mecha. My favourite part of this game was the split-screen co-op multiplayer. I went through the entire game with my brother in this mode. The first thing we’d do was put on the invincibility and unlimited ammo cheats (we were young, don’t have a go at me) and just blast our way through the levels. Plus the end of level cutscenes are amazing to say the least. It can be found on the PSN so if you haven’t played it I highly suggest you pick it up.

4: MediEvil

Studio Cambridge’s classic MediEvil stars my favourite video game protagonist of all time; Sir Daniel Fortesque. This skeletal hero is so insanely lovable that it genuinely annoys me this game didn’t spawn dozens of sequels (MediEvil 2 is ok, but in my opinion it didn’t live up to the first) that could have developed the game into a modern action platformer. You need to play this game if only to experience the opening graveyard levels. Again, available on PSN.

3: Spyro 2 Gateway to Glimmer

Long before the Skylanders days Spyro was second in command of PlayStation mascots. To be honest I never played the original, Spyro 2 (known as Ripto’s Rage in the US) was my first experience of the little purple dragon and it absolutely blew me away. I don’t need to explain the gameplay or why the game is so damn good to you, so I won’t. No YouTube clip for this one, so have the box art instead.

Little does he know Skylanders will ruin him.

Little does he know Skylanders will ruin him.

2: Metal Gear Solid

Snake? Snake!? SNAAAAAAKE! Need I say more? OK; ridiculous storyline? Check. Amazing cutscenes? Check. Incredible bi-pedal nuclear mechs? Check. The most badass protagonist in video games history? Double check. Metal Gear Solid isn’t just a fantastic game, its a rich and immersive experience that really showcases what the original PlayStation was capable of.

1: Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

By far and away my favourite game of all time, not just from the PSX but of any console ever. I love this game more than a mother loves her newborn child. I can 100% this game in a afternoon, I know all its tricks and secrets and have played it to death. Yet whenever I hear the music to level 8 (bear it) I can’t help but smile. This game has a proud place on my Vita, so I can play it wherever i am. Sure, a lot of my love for this game will be nostelgia but who cares? I adore it, and thats all that matters. This game currently isn’t in our Gaming Hall of Fame, but it won’t be long before it is.

So there’s my list. Feel free to write your own and post a link to it in the comments or just let me know what you think of my list. None of the YouTube videos are mine so I can’t take credit for them.




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  2. […] to share with my brother) was Crash Bandicoot, and I played the hell out of it. Also in the list of my favourite PS1 games, Crash Bandicoot 2 came first. The Jak and Daxter series was my favourite PS2 series and Uncharted […]

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