Football Predictions: 16th – 17th March 2013

Hi all, another Friday another Football predictions head to head. It’s turning into a proper grudge match, can Jack close the gap on Joe and stop him running away with it? Lets find out.

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Week 3 Results

Jack: 4 points – 4 correct results, 0 scores

Joe: 3 points – 3 correct results, 0 correct scores

Jack’s caught up slightly edging joe out by 1 correct result this week thanks to Liverpool’s victory over Tottenham. Will he make back more ground this week?

League Table

Position Weeks Played Team Points Correct Results Correct Scorelines
1 3 Joe 15 13 1
2 3 Jack 12 12 0

Everton v Man City

Jack:0-3. Tevez’s recent troubles with the police will be a distraction for the City players preparations for this match but its undoubted they have quality to compensate. Everton have had a good season but lack firepower up front, Fellaini with 12 is not top four material. City should win this one with ease I think.

Joe: 1-2. Man City absolutely annihilated Barnsley in the FA Cup quarter final last weekend, and will be looking to build on that and try and find some consistency. Tevez was their shining light and main attacking threat in the absence of Aguero, but will find it a lot more difficult against a very good Everton side. I’ll be watching this game with interest, and I’ll go for an away win.

Aston Villa v QPR

Jack: 2-0. Villa are young and inexperienced and QPR are bedding in players and are in the middle of a relegation scrap for a reason. Not going to be a quality game but I’m going for Illa on this one.

Joe: 0-1. This one has relegation scrap written all over it. QPR are looking like a team reborn, and are churning out some good results. For this reason alone I think they’ll win and blow the relegation fight wide open.

Southampton v Liverpool

Jack: 0-4. Liverpool have been thumping the lower teams this season especially since the additions of Sturridge and Coutinho. Suarez is also red hot and the rest of the team will be riding high after beating Tottenham. Can’t see anything but a rout on this one.

Joe: 0-2. Whilst Southampton are delicately balanced just above the relegation zone, they sometimes look like a team that should be challenging for the top 6 (sometimes), but Liverpool are in fine form after their victory over Tottenham, and should see them off in this one.

Stoke v West Brom

Jack: 0-0. Stoke are tough to beat at home, they’re set up to be tough to beat and West Brom haven’t been lighting the Leauge on fire really. Boring 0-0 for me.

Joe: 2-1. This one won’t be the headline game on Match of the Day, but you never know it could end up being a 5-5 thriller! I’ll hazard a guess and say a home win, but only just.

Swansea v Arsenal

Jack: 1-0. Laudrups Swansea have quality, whether its enough to overcome Arsenal I’m not sure. However I’ve just got a feeling that they’ll come good this weekend.

Joe: 1-2. Swansea will have the opportunity to take advantage of Arsenal’s disappointment following their exit in Europe. Arsenal however could take heart from an impressive performance against Bayern and put things right with 3 points for their fans. Away win.

Man Utd v Reading

Jack: 4-0. No manager, relegation scrap and playing Man U. Can’t get much worse for Reading so no chance of pulling a very surprising victory.

Joe: 3-0. Reading have totally lost it after dismissing their manager. In my opinion what little hope of them staying in the Premier League has disappeared, and this match could end up a cricket score if they’re not careful.

Sunderland v Norwich

Jack: 2-1. When in doubt got for the home team both team have been mediocre and this game won’t get that exciting, despite the score line I picked.

Joe: 1-1. Both teams in danger of being sucked into the relegation battle, and I bet neither team will do themselves any favours here and end up sharing the spoils. A bore draw for me.

Tottenham v Fulham

Jack: 1-1. Shaken after losing their unbeaten run against Liverpool I can see Tottenham losing their heads and Fulham pulling of a bit of a shock draw away at White Heart Lane.

Joe: 2-0. What is there really to say? Tottenham are simply unstoppable at the moment (bar their defeat to Liverpool). At home they will surely get back to winning ways against an average Fulham side.

Chelsea v West Ham

Jack: 2-0. London derby, probably won’t live up to some of the classic games we’ve seen over the past few seasons. Routine victory for Chelsea in the offing here.

Joe: 3-0. Wanting to cement their position in the top 4, Chelsea should have no problem seeing off West Ham, who’ve done nothing special to catch my attention this season.

Wigan v Newcastle

Jack: 2-0. The typical Wigan fight back starts here, or at least I hope it does. I love having Wigan in the Premier League and I hope they get it together for the final push, it’s been an entertaining few years and I want it to continue.

Joe: 1-3. Wigan will be absolutely chuffed to be in the FA Cup semi-final, and they’ve done really well to get there. However I think Newcastle’s new players are starting to gel together now, so this one could be a really tricky fixture. Think Newcastle are due a good convincing win.


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