Is the gloss coming off Boris Johnson?

London Mayor Boris Johnson had a bit of a rough weekend even by current recession politician standards, and I’m not talking about a few drinks in the House of Commons bar with Eric Joyce. I’m talking about his appearance on The Andrew Marr Show on Sunday with my new hero Eddie Mair guest hosting.

Now a small confession I didn’t actually watch the interview live, Sunday is my lie-in day so I don’t tend to catch Andrew Marr’s show that often. I saw the interview on YouTube after hearing about it on the news, if you want to have a look at the highlights here’s the link.

Now that is quite possibly the most uncomfortable interview with a politician I’ve ever seen that wasn’t done by Jeremy Paxman. I am guilty, as I’m sure a lot of you reading this will be, of quite liking Boris Johnson. He’s comical, awkward and a bit different to any other politician out there. At least that’s what I thought before seeing this interview. The way Eddie Mair attacks Johnson’s credibility is frankly chillingly brilliant.

Johnson has been touted as a future Prime Minister, I won’t reiterate his Rugby metaphor but he is one of the most high profile political figures around at the moment so it isn’t a massive step especially after the success of the London Olympics. But this interview has got me thinking, I can’t remember a single time when Johnson has expressed a policy that he would put into practice. Even as London Mayor the biggest policy he has put into practice is the ‘Boris Bikes’, but they were a Ken Livingston’s idea. So really we have no idea what a Boris Johnson government would do. How did I ever think he would be an ok Prime Minister? Like everyone I think I’m guilty of being taken in by his bumbling charisma but I think I’ve learnt and I’m defiantly going to be thinking twice next time I start to think things might be a bit different.

On a bit of a side note, ultimate respect for Eddie Mair. It’s good to see the BBC recovering from the scandal of the last few months and concentrating on real journalism. This type of journalism is why the BBC is one of the most respected news organisations in the world and is vital for holding politicians to account. I hope this isn’t just papering over the cracks and represents a return to form, politicians will be bricking it hopefully.

By Jack Troup


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