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DPP to Step Down, So What’s the Next Step?

On Wednesday the 24th April 2013 it was announced that Keir Starmer QC is to step down as Director of Public Prosecutions in October after 5 years in the role. For me personally this is a bit of a landmark, as my Legal Education only began in 2009 (a year after Starmer’s appointment) so I […]

Top 5: Favourite Movies

So…After listing my top 5 games last week I decided to list my second biggest passion this week, cinema. Below is my top 5 favourite films. Who knows, one day I might get along to doing favourite songs. Once again there is a difference between best and favourite. 5: Chasing Amy When Kevin Smith is […]

Football Predictions: 27th – 29th April 2013

Hello again and welcome back to our football predictions special! Had to rush this week’s feature somewhat so let’s dive right into the results from last week’s double-header: Jack: 5 points – 3 correct results, 1 correct score Joe: 10 points – 6 correct results, 2 correct scores Looks like Joe’s starting to form a healthy lead […]


This past weekend I participated in a Malifaux tournament. I came in second from last but I was just glad to beat the one person who usually beats me. I’m writing this now because it made me realize something. Not only is miniature gaming not just a game played by people who live in their […]

GHoF: Best gaming protagonist, Snake vs Link

Come one come all, after a short leave of absence, your gaming hall of fame has returned. This week we shall induct the greatest gaming protagonist into the hall of fame. Which hero of fate will enter the hall and take their place in the annals of history? Who shall banish the evil and take […]

Top 5: Favorite Games

So…it’s top 5 time. My previous top 5s have all been about slightly odd things or were loosely gaming related. This week however I’ve decided to focus on the best of video gaming. That’s right, this week is top 5: favourite games. I’m just going to lay a few ground rules. Firstly I’m not compiling […]

Football Predictions: 20th – 22nd April 2013

Welcome back to part 2 of week 8 head-to-head football predictions! As this week has been broken up into midweek and weekend matches, we’ll announce the results of all the predictions after this weekend’s fixtures. So let’s get right into the predictions shall we? Week 8 (part 2) Predictions  Saturday 20th April 2013 Fulham v […]