Top 5: Gaming related things that I want but can’t justify spending the money on

So… I haven’t written a solo blog in a bit; I’ve been busy with Two Nerds One Game and Gaming Hall of Fame, but this week I’m back, and it’s a top 5. I’ve rescued my ultra unique and original idea from Ian (after he stole it to write about PS1 games) and now I’m ready to present to you my Top 5, Gaming related things that I want but can’t justify spending the money on. Yes I am once again going for a super long title, mostly because I couldn’t think of a way to shorten it. Any way lets get this ball rolling.

5: Metal Slug-Neo Geo

Price: $2000-2800

Yeah I don’t actually own a Neo Geo and that’s why this is so high up on the list. If I did own a Neo Geo this is a game I would really want, but not be willing to spend the cash on. If anyone has ever played a Metal Slug game you’ll know that it is basically Contra amped up to 11. It’s hard as hell and super fun. Plus get a few mates along and the fun is expanded. If you have never played Metal Slug then shame on you. As good as it is though it’s not worth me spending $2000 on.

4: Phillips CDi


Not greatly expensive but still more then I’m willing to spend on a console like this. As a collector I really do want one, but the low end of the price range tends to be console only, with no leads and controls and the top end tend to have huge amounts of postage and packaging attached to them. Plus for the infrequent amount of times I’d use it (i.e. when my nerdiest friends visit) the price isn’t warranted.

3:NES Dev Unit

Price: ???

I honestly can’t find a cost for this. I found one sale that finished at around $6200 from a few years back, but it only had a few bids on it. I’m sure with the increased awareness and popularity of games a Dev unit of this kind would sell for much more now (I’m not an economist so don’t quote me on that). For this reason I’ve placed it on my list. I would love a Dev unit but much like the above I would only roll it out to impress friends and then it would return into my great gaming cupboard not to be seen for a while.

2:High End Flight Simulator stuff.


Look at this. This guy spent $200,000 making the most expensive amateur flight simulator ever. I’m not really a big user of simulator games but the techno-lover in me really wants to get my hands on something like this. It would be the ultimate game, plus think of the crashes you could have. Don’t tell me that’s not the first thing you do on a flight simulator. Why isn’t this number 1? Well…

1:Nintendo World Championships (gold cart)


Yeah this tops the list, because it literally tops the list. This is the ultimate game for a collector. There is only 26 exist and they carry a hefty price. They were given out to the winners of a Nintendo power competition. Even the 90 grey carts go for about $7000 each. I really want a gold cart, but can neither afford nor find one. As I said it tops the list because it epitomises the essence of the list. I mean what game collector doesn’t dream of owning one?

By Matt Husselbury

Twitter: @Messiah_MPH



  1. […] Top 5: Gaming related things that I want but can’t justify spending the money on […]

  2. I live in Belgium, here you can find Philips cdi players for cheap 🙂 I saw a boxed one once for 10 euros and nobody bought it.

    1. I wish I lived in Belgium.

      1. It has disadvantages too you know. NES and SNES games are more expensive/ harder to find over here. Sega master system games cheaper and so on …

      2. Still I would trade all that for a cheap cdi.

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