Football Predictions 6th – 8th April 2013

It’s getting to the latter end of the season now and the Premier League title may be virtually over but our competition is on a knife edge after last week. Have a look at what happened here.

Week 5 Results

Jack 9 points 1 correct score line and 6 correct results

Joe 9 points 1 correct score line and 6 correct results

League Table

So a dead heat it doesn’t affect the table but lets check in with that anyway:

Position Weeks Played Team Points Correct Results Correct Scorelines
1 5 Jack 30 23 3
2 5 Joe 30 23 3

This Weeks Predictions

Reading v Southampton

Jack: 1-0 Southampton have been on a good run of results at the moment beating Chelsea and Liverpool in consecutive weeks. They have however been fairly poor in the 6 pointer relegation scraps, so I’m backing Reading to get some points here.

Joe: 1-1 Two sides promoted last season, and both in danger of ending up back in the Championship. I really like Southampton, and think they’ve done really well to get into the Premier League and play some really good football at times. Maybe back to back promotions meant ending up there was a little too soon for them? I do like Reading too, and they’ve proven to be a handful at times, if not so much recently. It’s a tough one to call. I’ll go with a draw.

Norwich v Swansea

Jack: 0-3 We sing the praises of Swansea every week on this blog and today is no different. They should batter a poor Norwich side who, apart from Holt, lack little in attacking threat. Williams should be able to nullify that threat and Swansea should overpower them.

Joe: 1-2 Again two teams trying to solidify their place in the top flight, I can see this one being fairly close. Norwich have surprised me with some of the results they’re churned out, however Swansea have dazzled me with the football they play (and have done since their Martinez days), and I love to see them win games. Norwich will be tough opposition but I think they will bounce back with a win.

Stoke v Aston Villa

Jack: 2-0 Villa had a good first half against Liverpool last week but it is easy to get yourself up for games like that. Not sure a game against Stoke will inspire a Villa side lacking in experience and leadership to the same degree. That being said its also Stoke at home which is a completely different animal to them away so I think they’ll get a routine victory here.

Joe: 2-2 Yuk. That’s about all I can say about this tie. It’s no secret that I dislike Stoke’s stye of play. Too much hoofball, not enough football for me. But somehow it seems to get them results from time to time, especially at home. So for that reason I’m going to say a draw, because I genuinely believe Villa would beat them if they were at home.

West Brom v Arsenal

Jack: 1-3 Arsenal offer a very good attack whilst being very poor at the back by comparison. Last week was case and point 4 goals against Reading but the leaked one. Can see the same thing happening against West Brom who do have a good attack and had a bit of a shock last week.

Joe: 2-1 I can actually see West Brom getting all 3 points here. Something tells me they’re going to make it really difficult for a good Arsenal side who are surely favourites for this match. Could be an upset on the cards.

Liverpool v West Ham

Jack: 3-0 To be honest it becomes harder and harder to predict which Liverpool will turn up game on game. Showed character against Villa last week but capitulated against Southampton the week before. I’m taking a stab in the dark with this one and saying the good Liverpool will produce at Anfield.

Joe: 3-0 Liverpool made a great comeback against Villa after going behind against the run of play. They showed great character then and I think they’ll show their fans a more comfortable win at home against a West Ham side who will be without Andy Carroll, as I’m guessing playing against your own club is prohibited as part of his loan agreement.

Tottenham v Everton

Jack: 2-0 It was only a piece of individual brilliance for Everton last week that made the Stoke game just about bearable. The rest of the game was dull, dull, dull. Now Tottenham are playing midweek in the Europa League so fatigue may be a factor but I reckon they’ll have enough in the tank to beat Everton.

Joe: 2-1 This will be a really tough contest. As much as I have enjoyed Everton’s form this season, I have a feeling they’ll be beaten by a very impressive Spurs side this time. It’ll be close though.

Chelsea v Sunderland

Jack: 0-1 I see Benitez is up to his old tricks at Chelsea rotation, rotation, rotation. Who knows who will play in this game it’s completely random and that kind of disturbance isn’t good for consistency or moral. So a surprise Sunderland victory in the offing this week.

Joe: 3-0 This one has Chelsea win written all over it. At home against a poor Sunderland side who’ve just had a very controversial managerial appointment, looking to build on their win against United in the FA Cup – it’s got to be a Chelsea victory, hasn’t it?

Newcastle v Fulham

Jack: 0-0 Completely agree with Joe on this one, neither side has much to play for and neither side is very entertaining. That mean a good old fashioned end of season bore draw, last on MOTD as well.

Joe: 0-0 Really not sure how this one’s gonna go down. In fact I can’t see either side being beaten, so I’m going for a draw. Make it a boring one, why not?

QPR v Wigan

Jack: 1-2 End of season so Wigan will win. No more logic to it than that. QPR’s amazing end of season fight back inspired by Rednapp has been a bit of a no show and they’re gonna lose this one as well.

Joe: 1-0 Clash of the titans! Oh wait, sorry, wrong fixture. Clash of the relegation candidates! The Wigan fightback is well and truly on, and I fancy QPR to make it interesting and suck them back into the zone.

Man Utd v Man City

Jack: 3-2 City are fighting for pride and United are looking to secure the title. They can’t win it with this game mathematically but if they win then there really is nothing City can do, even with all their million. United will be up for this after being burned by Chelsea last week.

Joe: 1-2 Clash of the titans! Great game in prospect, and I will definitely be watching it. I’m sure the odds are weighed slightly in United’s favour, so I’m going to spice things up by predicting a City win.

Wildcard Predictions:
Jack: Lukaku to score for West Brom

Joe: Suarez to score for Liverpool


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