Christopher Hitchens- a Tribute

On December 15th 2011 a great man died to cancer. His name was Christopher Hitchens or “Hitch”. One of the most influential men of the free thinking and atheist societies. The author of many books, including “God is Not Great”, his death was one of the biggest blows to the atheist community.

This is a tribute article to Christopher ‘Hitch’ Hitchens. A brilliant and influential man, a husband, a father, a son and a brother. Who has been and will continue to be sorely missed.

Christopher Hitchens would have been 64 tomorrow, had cancer not spoiled his fun. He was born and raised in Portsmouth, England; and he was a self-described antitheist. The difference between an atheist and an antitheist is that while an atheist doesn’t believe in god but may wish that there was, an antitheist is happy that there is no god. “Antithiest” is a term he coined.

Influenced by the likes of Volaire, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris and many more, Christopher ‘Hitch’ Hitchens, was an award winning author and journalist. He came from a navy family, and his mother is quoted as saying “if there is going to be an upper class in this country, then Christopher is going to be in it”.

In my opinion he certainly was.

He held citizenships in both the UK as well as the United States, and in both countries he took part in numerous debates on the topic of religion and antitheism. He was also a journalist writing for magazines such as ‘International Socialism’, ‘New Statesman’ and ‘Daily Express’ in the UK and ‘Vanity Fair’ in the US as a contributing editor.

Hitch was one of the biggest influences on my life, watching all of his old interviews, reading his books, and listening to talks between himself, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett and Sam Harris, are what drove me to out myself as an atheist and even as an antitheist. As one of the major advocates of “new atheism” many people have been influenced by his presence. He has been, and will continue to be, sorely missed.

I could say more, but Richard Krauss has a much more moving speech than I should ever give. I encourage you all to watch it and be moved by it. I also encourage you to look up his debates and lectures on youtube. They are some of the most educational and thought provoking videos one can watch.

If I could see Christopher Hitchens today I would thank him everything he game to the free thinking community, and for standing up for something when so few people could. I would thank him for inspiring me to out myself as an atheist, and to stand up against the corruption of all religions.

Rest in peace, Christopher Hitchens, and Happy Birthday.

By Alex Hicks



  1. I don’t believe in nothing, nor do I believe in anything specific. So I’d like to read more about this man. My mom was a very assertive atheist and left skepticism to me as her heritage.

  2. […] Hitchens is best known in the atheist movement for the common terminology ‘hitchslapping‘.  An American English Journalist who wrote for Free Inquiry, The Daily Mirror, and Vanity Fair.  He had a way of making religion of all sorts seem not just illogical, but evil to the core that it poisons everything.  He once even debated his christian brother, Peter Hitchens in a live debate.  Hitchens was a fiery debater with a level of common sense that anybody can relate to.  He has written several popular books:  The Portable Atheist, Letters to a Young Contrarion, and his most controversial one, God is not Great: How Religion poisons Everything.  He passed away in December of 2011.  […]

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