5 Comic Books I’d Love to See Turned into a Movie

Comic books are enjoying a golden age on the silver screen. Batman, Spiderman and Iron Man have all enjoyed standout success, among others. Dozens of movies featuring comic book characters have been made in the last decade. It may seem like there aren’t any more stories to tap…

But there are! In fact, there are many more lesser-known comic books that have enjoyed indie success and that would make excellent thought-provoking and quirky movies. Here are 5 comic books that I’d love to see turned into movies:

The Maxx

The Maxx is the giant purple protector of the Jungle Queen in the fantasy world known as the Outback. In real life, the Maxx is a homeless man who is being taken care of by social worker Julie Winters, who must come to terms with events that happened to her as a child. The comic explores the intersection of these two worlds, revealing profound insights.

This would be a hard one to translate to the big screen, which would make it even more amazing if a director were able to pull it off. There is some great potential for some visually stunning scenes in this story.


A movie was once in development for this comic, and it went pretty far before being dropped. The same with a television version of the story. The creators struggled with getting the script and the story just right — an understandable problem considering the source material.

Sandman follows the exploits of the king of dreams, as well as the other “Endless:” Death, Destiny, Despair, Destruction, Desire, and Delirium. Much of the action takes place in the world of dreams and of abstract notions. This is another story that would create something groundbreaking and astonishing on the big screen if the right person were able to pull it off.


Jesse Custer is a preacher who has been imbued with the spirit of the spawn of an angel and a demon, giving him powers that rival God. The story follows his quest to find God, along with his girlfriend and his best friend — a hard-drinking, Irish vampire.

Preacher has the potential to be a fast-paced action movie and one that poses deep philosophical questions about God, freewill, the nature of good and evil, and existence itself.


Drawn like a kids comic but with the material of an adult comic, this story follows Bone on a journey to try to free the Valley from a dark lord. Along the way, he learns about friendship and love.

Bone could be presented like a kid’s story, but I’d hate to see it lose any of its underlying edge. I’d be interested to see how this one was interpreted on the big screen.


Deadpool would fit right in with the current crop of comic-book action-hero movies. Deadpool is a mentally unstable mercenary for hire who also likes to crack jokes directly through the fourth wall. Deadpool appeared in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie, but we’d like to see him get his own movie (which there is talk will happen, starring Ryan Reynolds).

There are so many great untapped comic books that would make awesome movies. What comic books would you like to see get made into movies? Share your favorites in the comments!


Chloe Trogden runs CollegeGrant.net, which serves as an up-to-date college guide for thousands of people all over the world. Her leisure activities include camping, swimming and playing her guitar.


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