Football Predictions: 20th – 22nd April 2013

Welcome back to part 2 of week 8 head-to-head football predictions! As this week has been broken up into midweek and weekend matches, we’ll announce the results of all the predictions after this weekend’s fixtures. So let’s get right into the predictions shall we?

Week 8 (part 2) Predictions 

Saturday 20th April 2013

Fulham v Arsenal    15:00

Jack: 1-3, Surprise draw for Arsenal against Everton mid week, regardless of that they need the points if they want Champions League football next year. Fulham are mis table and staying there so they don’t have any motivation for this one.

Joe: 1-2, Poor old Fuham. Two very difficult matches they can’t be expected to win against local rivals. What makes it worse is that they’ve both been homes games, so their fans won’t be very happy if they lose here. I think Arsenal are due a good win after being held at home by Everton.

Norwich v Reading  15:00

Jack: 1-1, Proper relegation scrap this one. Reading are all but gone, despite getting a hard fought draw against Liverpool (mainly thanks to the heroics of McCarthy) but Norwich have it all to play for. They should be safe but you never know, dropping points at home could put them right back in it.

Joe: 2-1, Norwich are still in danger of slipping down into the drop zone, whilst Reading are firmly in it. Both teams are fighting for survival but I think Norwich will cling onto a very much needed 3 points with their home advantage.

QPR v Stoke 15:00

Jack: 2-0, QPR are still holding out for the impossible, even though it really is impossible that they’ll stay up. That being said Stoke are in free fall and if I’m honest I won’t be missing them next season, thinking about it I won’t miss QPR either much rather Wigan stay up.

Joe: 1-0, Stoke are also in danger of relegation, and one bad result could land them firmly in it. I can see QPR making life difficult for them and creating a very nervy finish to the season.

Sunderland v Everton         15:00

Jack: 1-2, Every time I bet against Everton they surprise me. They have gone from strength to strength this season so it’ll be interesting to see where they end up, especially with the Merseyside derby coming up. Sunderland by contrast are hovering above relegation on goal difference, losing here could see them drop into danger despite Di Canio’s best efforts.

Joe: 1-2, Sunderland have looked like a different team since Di Canio took over, and could cause a bit of a shock against an Everton side who really should be winning this one. After their midweek draw with Arsenal I think they’ll produce the goods here, but only just.

Swansea v Southampton   15:00

Jack: 2-1, Both teams play good football and both have young talented managers at the helm. This is going to be a close run thing, the two teams are only separated by Fulham in the league but I’m going for the home advantage in this one.

Joe: 0-1, Earlier in the season I would have predicted a narrow win for Swansea, purely due to Michu being on top form. With the Spaniard starting to struggle for form a little of late, and with Southampton’s new manager I’m going to predict a surprise away win.

West Brom v Newcastle      15:00

Jack: 3-0, West Brom are flying high in 8th this season and respect goes to Steve Clark for delivering that. Whether he suffers from second season syndrome next year will be interesting but at the moment I can’t see anything but a baggies white wash here.

Joe: 1-3, Newcastle are really hurting after their derby day defeat to Sunderland. I think it’s about time they pulled 3 points out of the bag, and despite West Brom’s good season so far this is when that will happen.

West Ham v Wigan  15:00

Jack: 0-1, West Ham have had a great few week and they played excellently against United, defiantly deserving their draw. Collins and Centre Back has been impressive keeping some of the best attackers in the league quiet the last few weeks. Bubble is going to burst against Wigan this week I think though as they claw their way to another miraculous comeback this season.

Joe: 1-2, It’s the closing weeks of the season, which can only mean one thing: Wigan fightback! They can’t have expected to beat Man City last time out, but with a game in hand still to play they’ll make life a lot easier for themselves with a win here.

Sunday 21st April 2013

Tottenham v Man City         13:30

Jack: 2-3, This will be a good game I can feel it. Tottenham have Everton breathing down their neck and need to make up ground on Chelsea. Unfortunately for them City have fire power in abundance, whilst they aren’t going for the League pride will take over.

Joe: 2-2, Tottenham are still feeling the effects of their exit from Europe via penalties, whilst Man City are just chugging along getting the odd result to keep them in the top 2. I’m going for a draw, which will help neither side all that much.

Liverpool v Chelsea            16:00

Jack: 2-1, Heart over head decision this, I want Liverpool to produce and live up to their potential. My head is screaming that Chelsea will stuff them but I’ve tossed a coin and heart wins on this occasion.

Joe: 3-2, I’ve really enjoyed seeing the fight in Liverpool this season. Every player has grafted and I can’t think of the last time I saw an ‘all-flair all-lazy’ player for them. Even Suarez, who has the most flair in the team is one of the most hardworking players you’ll see. Like Jack, I’d love to see them win, and every time I vote against them they come back to haunt me.

Monday 22nd April 2013

Man Utd v Aston Villa

Jack: 3-1, Inexperience Villa will suffer at Old Trafford on Monday night. They’ve been putting in some good performances and I hope they stay up but United are closing in on their 20th title and can’t see them letting go until they get over the line.

Joe: 2-0, Villa will do well to avoid relegation this season – they’ve had a truly miserable time. I reckon they’ll be in the relegation zone after this one, but they won’t stay there. Home win.


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