Top 5: Favorite Games

So…it’s top 5 time. My previous top 5s have all been about slightly odd things or were loosely gaming related. This week however I’ve decided to focus on the best of video gaming. That’s right, this week is top 5: favourite games. I’m just going to lay a few ground rules. Firstly I’m not compiling a list of the top 5 best games, just my favourite. There is a subtle difference between these two things. So lets begin.

5: Infamous

Good or Evil: The Choice is Yours

I adore this game. I love the way it catches the comic book influence behind a superhero. From it’s over the top origin story, to the panelled cinematics. Infamous is as close to the comic book experience as you’ll ever find in a game. You are drawn into a story where your every decision affects the world around you. Good or evil? It’s up to you. In fact some times you make the choice of good only for the people to hate you for it. The story takes you from your origins as a humble courier, into a mighty electricity wielding saviour of a city. Good or evil, you might not be the saviour the city wants, but you will be the saviour the city needs.

4: Super Smash Bros: Brawl

The Fact Snake Isn’t on the Box Still Annoys Me

So many fun times have been had on this game. Getting a group of friends together and battling it out to the death, is one of the greatest joys I can imagine. The game features a larger roster than the previous games, and a plethora of new stages. Plus it has a brilliant story mode. The only character to speak during the whole thing is Snake, yet you get a great sense of what is bringing all these icons together. If the next Smash Bros game builds on the story mode of this one, I’m going to be one happy gamer. Sure the online mode was extremely laggy, but then again online really ain’t my thing. Plus this is where the difference between best and favourite is important.

3:Final Fantasy VII

Iconic…That is All

Any of you who have read any of my previous blogs will know of my love for this game. Like many people of my generation this game sticks with me as a keystone in my development as a gamer. I’d never really played anything like it. I was instantly immersed by the characters and setting. Since the day I first played it I’ve always had a game on the go. As soon as I finish it I just start again. There are few, if any, games that I’ve played as much as FF7, and there are only two games I’ve ever enjoyed more. I’m not going to break down the story and characters, because one; I’ve done this on the past and two; I’m sure you all already know.

2: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.


I have time and time again professed my belief that this is the greatest game ever made. Ocarina of Time has everything, a great soundtrack, great characters, great settings, a great story and great game play. Ocarina of Time is simply a masterpiece. I’d even consider it a piece of art. There isn’t a word in the English language that can describe my adoration of this game. It’s the Mona Lisa of the gaming world. When I open my own gaming museum (which I hope to do one day) OoT is getting its own section, with scenes from the game hanging like art on the walls. If I love this game so much, why isn’t it my favourite? Well…

1:Pokémon Red/Blue

My Childhood!

I always though OoT was my favourite, but with my recent Pokémon blogs I’ve realised that Pokémon Red is my favourite. So much of my life is wrapped up in that game. My original file (which I still have) has over 800 hours of game play. I wrote a lengthy blog last week about how Pokémon changed me as a gamer, so I’m not going to get in to that, but I will say that anyone who grew up in the 90’s caught the Pokémon bug. It was the trend of trends. If I even have kids I’m making them love Pokémon. They will watch every episode and play every game. Because let’s face it, Pokémon rocks.

Anyway that’s my top 5, I’d love to hear yours. That’s not me being sarcastic; I would actually like to know. You guys don’t often comment after my blogs; I’m starting to feel lonely.

By Matthew Husselbury

Facebook: /tubelove

Twiiter: @Messiah_MPH

Instagram: Messiah_MPH



  1. Kingzora13 · · Reply

    ocarina of time is my favorite followed by super metroid

    1. I’ve never finished super metroid, which is a shame. But it is a very good game.

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