Football Predictions: 27th – 29th April 2013

Hello again and welcome back to our football predictions special! Had to rush this week’s feature somewhat so let’s dive right into the results from last week’s double-header:

Jack: 5 points – 3 correct results, 1 correct score

Joe: 10 points – 6 correct results, 2 correct scores

Looks like Joe’s starting to form a healthy lead at the top, and with only a few weeks to go Jack might need a few good score predictions to level it up!

League Table


Weeks Played



Correct Results

Correct Scorelines













Week 9 Predictions 

SAT 27 APR 2013

Man City v West Ham 12:45

Jack: 1-0, I am almost willing to bet that this will be one of the most boring games of the season. City will be disheartened over United emphatic title winning victory, its been coming for a while but still its got to sting. West Ham are mid table and happy so can’t see them being to bothered by this fixture either.

Joe: 3-0, Despite losing out on the title race, the pressure is now officially off and the Man City players can start enjoying their football. I think this could be one of those weeks where they hit their opponents hard and grab a convincing home win to keep their fans happy.

Everton v Fulham 15:00

Jack: 1-1, This is interesting, can Everton cope with the pressures of pushing for that European spot? Liverpool could be breathing down their necks and with the Merseyside Derby looming it’s a bit of a dog fight for 6th place. I don’t think I’ve said an interesting thing about Fulham for weeks and today will be no different.

Joe: 2-1, Not the most exciting match in prospect, but Everton are due a win. They may have just missed out on a spot in Europe this season, despite their good form, but they’ll want to get a home win against a very average Fulham side.

Southampton v West Brom 15:00

Jack: 1-3, Both of these teams were a bit boring last week and drew so I’m hoping for a bit more excitement in this game. They have also both over achieved somewhat in the league, Southampton will be happy just to stay up but the manner has been impressive. West Brom are the more experienced side at dealing with this stage of the season so I’m backing them.

Joe: 2-1, Both Southampton and West Brom have had a good season, and a mid-table finish would be a fantastic achievement for both sides. I’m going to go for a home win, simply because of the boost of the 12th man.

Stoke v Norwich 15:00

Jack: 0-0, Four games left 6 points clear will Stoke hold on for another season of unattractive football. Well there fate is in their hands and beating fellow relegation strugglers QPR last week will boost confidence. Norwich are only 1 point above as well so they’ll be desperate for points. Not sure the draw I predicted will be of much help though.

Joe: 1-1, How either of these teams are still in the Premier League I don’t know. Truth be told they both lack certain qualities to be a top class team – Stoke play like a brute force lower league team, and Norwich have still got a lot of League 1 players in the side. For me this will be a draw, and probably not a very interesting one.

Wigan v Tottenham 15:00

Jack: 0-1, I’m starting to think that the Wigan revival might not happen this year. They have been unlucky to have City and Tottenham so close together at the back end of the season, they still have Arsenal to come as well. Tottenham are looking to put the pressure on Chelsea, which has been helped be the form of Bale and he will probably carry them through this one as well (although it feels a little bit like a farewell tour from him).

Joe: 1-2, I agree with Jack on this one; the Wigan revival may not be on the cards after all. Bad time to play a very useful Tottenham side, who I think will have more quality and stake their claim in the Europe places. Away win, but only just.

Newcastle v Liverpool 17:30

Jack: 1-2, Difficult to know how Liverpool will respond to the Suarez bite gate against Chelsea last week. The game showed the worst and the best of the Uruguayan, whose absence will be a big plus for Newcastle. Newcastle need points to ensure another season of premier league football but I can’t see them getting it here.

Joe: 2-1, Everyone’s talking about the Suarez bite thing, and I think that will be pivotal to this tie. With their leading scorer and magic maker out for the rest of the season, Liverpool will really struggle to produce the goods in their remaining fixtures. Good chance for misfiring Newcastle to find some form in the closing stages.

SUN 28 APR 2013

Reading v QPR 13:30

Jack: 0-1, Zzzzzzz, sorry I was asleep thinking of the prospect of this game. Both relegated, both deserve it and QPR will probably go into administration (simply on the back of Samba’s wages). This game is essentially a window shop for the two set of players to display that they are premier league players after all and the survivors might want to buy them. Not interested.

Joe: 1-0, With both sides pretty much already relegated, all this tie will prove is which team finishes bottom. For me both teams have quality, but have failed to show it this season; particularly QPR who have spent big and still not delivered. I’m going to mix things up and say home win.

Chelsea v Swansea 15:00

Jack: 1-2, Chelsea need to ensure Champions League Football next year to pay for their next managers pointless spending spree (Pointless because he’ll be sacked by Christmas). I think they’re desperation might lead to a few poor performances and I want Swansea to close out the season in style.

Joe: 3-1, As much as I’d like to see Swansea win here (they’re such a positive, fluid team!), I don’t think they’ll overcome Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea have been impressive all season (as expected with the amount of money they spend), and since signing Ba look like they have quality all over the pitch for a change.

Arsenal v Man Utd 16:00

Jack: 2-0, Why should United care about this game? They have their hands on the trophy, although not literally as they have to wait till their next home game. Answer is they shouldn’t, only juicy bit in thi game is Arsenal will have to form a guard of honor as they come onto the pitch, shame they Manchester derby has already happened as that would have been hilarious.

Joe: 1-1, Well the title race is over, but the fans should still expect a good game from their United side. Arsenal also have a point to prove, performing at a standard underachieving level this season. All that’s missing from Arsenal is a top scorer, who now plays for United. I expect him to score against his old side, however I bet Arsenal will keep him quiet for the rest of the game and nick a point at the end.

p.s. Sky really ought to think about showing some more Championship matches (*ahem* Barnsley *ahem*) – United every week is getting boring. Just saying.

MON 29 APR 2013

Aston Villa v Sunderland 20:00

Jack: 2-1, Villa were unlucky to come up against an inspired United team last time out but its back to the business of survival now. They could drag Sunderland down with a win here and I hope they do as I see more potential in the Villa squad than I do Sunderland’s, also serves them right for sacking O’Neil.

Joe: 0-2, Di Canio (as much as I dislike him) is doing a great job at Sunderland, so I think he’ll make a mark at Villa. Could be an interesting game, and I’m going to go for a convincing away win.


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