Top 5: Favourite Movies

So…After listing my top 5 games last week I decided to list my second biggest passion this week, cinema. Below is my top 5 favourite films. Who knows, one day I might get along to doing favourite songs. Once again there is a difference between best and favourite.

5: Chasing Amy


When Kevin Smith is good he’s great, when he’s bad he’s woeful. Luckily Chasing Amy isn’t bundled with his bad stuff (*cough* Cop Out *cough*). Chasing Amy is in fact a greatly compelling, heart warming, and witty film. A man falls in love with a lesbian. That’s essentially the plot. With funny and thoughtful dialogue Smith takes the simple plot and creates a 3-dimensional world around the subject matter he knows best, nerd culture. In this case we follow two independent comic book writers and the colourful people they meet in the industry. The film is simply moving. By the end you are emotionally tied to each character. I don’t have enough words to praise this film. If you haven’t seen it I implore you to see it. You won’t be disappointed.

4: The Muppet Christmas carol


Who doesn’t love the Muppets? (Apart from a friend of mine who is terrified of one coming out of the moon and eating her) Who doesn’t love Michael Cain? (Apart from another friend who thinks he’s creepy). This film is simply brilliant. Take the classic novel and mix it with the off the wall crazy of the Muppets and you have a musical classic. This film is as much a part of Christmas as turkey and poor quality cracker gifts. It’s not too far to say it’s the best Muppets film, and possibly the best adaptation of the Dickens classic.

3: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


Who doesn’t want to be Ferris? He’s the coolest kid in the world! I’ll give a bit if background for the unfortunate people who haven’t seen it. This film is very much a coming of age story. It’ a tale about a teenager enjoying the final days of his youth, to do this he takes his girlfriend, and anxiety riddled best friend on the greatest day out ever. Along the way he has to avoid the headmaster (they are bunking off school, I forgot to mention that), his parents and his annoying sister who won’t let him have fun. This film is simply brilliant. It’s fun, and at times thought provoking. Plus the breaking of the fourth wall draws you into the film, as opposed to distracting you. As Ferris says “Life moves pretty fast. You don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”, and you don’t want to miss this film.

2: Back to the Future


Cool 80’s setting, check. Sweet time traveling car, check. Crazy professor, check. Mind blowing time travel stuff, check. Back to the Future has all those things and a few more. Accidentally transported back to the past, Marty must find his way back, using a younger version of the man who created the time machine. Whilst also trying to make it so his mother and father fall in love, so that he exists in the first place. Back to the Future is fun from the opening to the finish, plus it has a pretty awesome soundtrack.

1: The Empire Strikes Back


This film has it all: a dark brooding plot, with revelation after revelation. A great struggle between good and evil, where the hero has to face insurmountable odds. Picking up where we leave off in the first film, the empire has taken a heavy hit from the rebellion. However things aren’t over yet. As the plot progresses we see Luke pushed to his limit as he struggles to deal with his training. Determined to get revenge on the man who killed his father he sets off into a battle he can never win. But that’s what makes this film great. Luke knows he can’t win, but still being the great hero he fights on regardless. This film ends on one of the all time greatest cinema downers. Luke half dead, Han kidnapped and frozen and the empire back firmly in control. Plus it has two of my favourite lines ever. I’ll let you guess which ones.

Anyway that’s my list. Put yours in the comments. I’m actually interested.


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