Monthly Archives: May 2013

What Music means to me

As a military child moving around through multiple school systems, I always had a hard time making friends and as such, I was bullied a lot. I spent my first few years of school in Ontario, where I had a solid number of friends and nobody really picked on me, but when my family moved […]

The Joys Of Blogging

All this week over on my personal blog I’ve set myself the gauntlet of writing a game review each day. It’s been pretty fun and an awful lot more challenging than I had first thought, not only in choosing which games to talk about but also I wanted to make sure I didn’t say the […]

Why is Superman still popular?

So…What actually defines a hero? A dictionary definition would say that a hero is either; A person, typically a man, who is admired for courage or noble qualities. Or the chief male character in a book, play, or movie, who is typically identified with good qualities. But that doesn’t really encapsulate what a hero is […]

Lord McAlpine Wins Sally Bercow Libel case

I’ve written on the topic of the law and social media before, specifically how to avoid being arrested for the things you post, anyone who is interested can see my previous article here.Apparently though people aren’t following my advice to use common sense before they click post, that’s the conclusion I’ve reached having just finished […]

The Disney Empire Strikes Back

First of all, apologies for the terrible pun in the title – I can do better! As someone who is, shall we say, more interested in Star Wars than your average Joe, the takeover by Disney was something I took great interest in, and even prompted me to write a blog on it towards the […]


On Monday Ian wrote a blog titled “what’s going on with Nintendo“, and I decided that, as a lifelong fan of Nintendo I should really air my point on this. In the past I’ve written a multitude of blogs about Nintendo; I covered the launch of the Wii U, discussed my worries for the console […]

A PlayStation fans take on the Xbox One

Well let me start off by saying that in all fairness, Microsoft said that the presentation was going to focus on the reveal and its TV features. With that being said I still can’t get over just how little of the press conference was about games. A smattering of Forza, a smidge of Fifa and […]