Business Blogging Tips

Blogging is becoming increasingly popular among businesses, but part of the problem is finding a way to entertain the readers while still promoting your company or brand. Unfortunately, most prospective customers don’t have an interest in reading news about a company, which is how a lot of businesses tend to come up short.

There are plenty of ways to blog that can create revenue, but generally speaking, making your blog a big commercial for your company is not the way to go. With that said, there are a lot of under-utilized strategies that you can figure out by framing things in the right way.

Think Like a Consumer

Don’t write what you want your customers to know, write what they want to know. If you make televisions, don’t simply tell them why yours are the best. Instead, offer them guidance on how to pick the best television for their needs or teach them about the latest technology. Now of course, you can promote your brand within that context and try to lead them toward a purchase, but there has to be a give and take.

Give your customers something that they are actually interested in reading and they’ll be more likely to give you their business. This is the type of thing that you can bounce around in your head until you come up with ideas. Then, wherever you are, log-in to your site through your VPN service and jot down an outline for a post that you can save as a draft.

Don’t Make Your Blog a Press Release

Reading a press release is like an instant turn off switch for a lot of customers, because they don’t feel as though they can trust the information within. In many ways, reading a press release is a lot like being talked at instead of being talked to, and that’s a feeling that nobody enjoys.

Thus, limit your press releases to their accepted targets – the press. Treat your customers a bit differently and you will be able to build a better relationship with them and generate more business.

Answer Questions and Teach Your Readers

A great way to come up with ideas for content is to write blog posts that answer some of your frequently asked questions. Almost every website has a section for frequently asked questions, so you should be able to expand upon them pretty quickly.


The real key here is something that is taught to any journalist or writer in school. Think about your audience while you are writing. This may not be something that comes natural in business, but since business blogging is a writing extension of a business, it is worth remembering.

Melissa Tyler enjoys writing reviews of the best VPN providers at She loves to write posts about VPN security, safety technology and anonymously browsing.


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