Football Predictions: 4th – 8th May 2013

Hello again everyone! We’re back for another exciting week of head-to-head football predictions, and its getting tense as the final few games of the season loom over us. Joe holds a healthy lead, however anything can happen and one week of good results for Jack could see him take over the top spot again. Let’s have a look at last week’s results shall we?

Week 9 Results

Jack: 4 points, 4 correct results, 0 correct scorelines

Joe: 6 points, 4 correct results, 1 correct scoreline

League Table


Weeks Played



Correct Results

Correct Scorelines













Joe just about sneaks it in a pretty average week for both sides. This week we’ve got a bumper edition with plenty of matches and opportunities to grab some points!

Week 10 Predictions

SAT 4th May

Fulham v Reading 15:00

Jack: 0-2, Got a feeling that a few of the Reading players will be motivated for this one, their either in the shop window hoping another Premier League club will come along or playing for their place next season. Fulham players by contrast don’t have any motivation for this one which make all the difference on these end of season games.

Joe: By the time this first fixture is played, I hope that my beloved Barnsley are still in the Championship, and looking to push on for a much better season next time. I’m a big bag of nerves right now, and I’m going to be cringing every time Jeff Stelling mentions a goal in their game. Wish us luck…

Ok, on to the game.

0-1. So Reading are officially going down, and it hasn’t come as much surprise considering their terrible form. They briefly threatened to upset the league a bit towards the start of the season, however lost their way a bit and have now plummeted back into the Championship. I’ll back them to come straight back up though. As for this game, I’ll say an away win, as Adkins will want to raise the spirits in the camp now the pressure is off and they have nothing to lose.

Norwich v Aston Villa 15:00

Jack: 2-1, I’m thinking that there may be a few Villa players with big heads this week. A victory can bring confidence but annihilating a team can make you arrogant, especially if the team your playing next week aren’t pushing too high up the table. Benteke will probably still score but Norwich will come through with a victory here.

Joe: 1-1. After Villa’s annihilation of Sunderland in their last outing (what a performance that was!), they’ll be feeling very confident going into this game, particularly knowing they have (in my opinion) one of the best strikers in the league in the form of Benteke. I think they’ll push on and get a well-earned draw here.

Swansea v Man City 15:00

Jack: 1-0, Really struggling to make my mind up on this one so I’ve gone with more of a gut feeling that a reasoned analysis. City won’t be too bothered and Swansea will want to beat them for a bit of pride.

Joe: 1-2. Tough call this one. Both teams play a great style of football, and despite there being nothing really to play for I can’t see either team going out and being happy with a draw. I’m going to predict a City win, but only just.

Tottenham v Southampton 15:00

Jack: 3-0, Saint’s

Joe: 1-0. Gareth Bale has just won 3 player of the year awards – very impressive! That said, it would be foolish to think he’d not be full of confidence following this. I have to say though, I think Southampton are a bit of a dark horse, and they will cause a few problems to Tottenham’s back line. Close call, but a home win for me.

West Brom v Wigan 15:00

Jack: 0-2, Please, please, please let Wigan stay up. I love the drama every season, will they won’t they it’s like an Hollywood RomCom especially since you know they’ll stay up in the end anyway. It’s feel good football and I want then to stay up analysis be damned!

Joe: 1-2. I am well and truly rooting for Wigan in this one. I don’t have anything against West Brom, I just want the end of season relegation fight to become a bit more juicy! 5 points from safety, but they have a game in hand. They’ve got to pick up 3 points here if they want a fair shot at survival.

West Ham v Newcastle 15:00

Jack: 3-0. Newcastle’s defence was scared of their own shadows last week against Liverpool, it’s embarrassing to be honest. West Ham have a Red and former Newcastle player in their ranks in Andy Carroll who has been in decent form so I could see him putting in a shift against his former club, Newcastle are in trouble.

Joe: 1-0. Talk about a scrappy game in prospect! West Ham have scrapped their way to mid-table mediocrity this season, and well done to them for doing so. Newcastle have fallen apart since the turn of the year and the sale of Ba (among other factors), and will really have to rely on any scrappy goal they can muster to stay up. I’m going to go for a home win here, as I really can’t see Newcastle turning things around against a very resilient West Ham. (sorry for overuse of the word ‘scrappy’)

QPR v Arsenal 17:30

Jack: 1-4. Bye bye QPR, judging by their wage bill if they don’t come straight back up then it could be bye bye forever. Arsenal should absolutely stuff them, I can see Remy getting a goal because I think he’s a quality player, but QPR won’t have the quality or inclination to stand up to them.

Joe: 0-3. The pressure is off QPR now, who like Reading are officially relegated. However I don’t see any fight or motivation within this team, and I really can’t see them winning any points. Arsenal will be looking to solidify a top 4 place, so I think they’ll take this one.

SUN 5th May

Liverpool v Everton 13:30

Jack: 3-1. Bragging rights at stake on Merseyside. Everton have exceeded expectations whilst LFC have been a touch underwhelming, if not promising for next season. Merseyside Derby is alway volatile, unpredictable and entertaining so I’m looking forward to it, I’m backing LFC purely because of home advantage and the confidence they have from the Newcastle game.

Joe: 2-2. I’ve been thinking about this fixture for a little while now, trying to decide which way it will go. And to be honest I’m stumped. Everton’s great season and slightly superior league position (not to mention the loss of Suarez) suggests they should win, however Liverpool have the 12th man advantage (who will no doubt be in full song), and losing Suarez has seemed to be the best thing to ever happen to them! For that reason I’m going to say a draw. And just because I’m hoping for goals I’m going to predict a few. 2.2.

Man Utd v Chelsea 16:00

Jack: 3-0. I was told off by a United fan last week for saying why should they care about Arsenal. So this week I’m going for a Champion worth performance from United to beat a Chelsea side that will have been preoccupied with Europa League in mid week.

Joe: 2-1. Another good match in prospect – and another one I’m finding it difficult to call. I think if it were at Stamford Bridge Chelsea would sneak a win, but since they’re playing against the Old Trafford faithful I’m going to stick my neck out and say home win. Just.

MON 6th May

Sunderland v Stoke 20:00

Jack: 1-2. Embarrassing loss for Sunderland at the hands of Villa last time out, a confidence knocking loss so close to the end of the season that drew them worryingly close to relegation. I’ve got a funny feeling they might be going down, for that to happen Stoke have to win here.

Joe: 3-1. Oooh, bet that hurt Di Canio! Losing, sorry being absolutely battered by relegation rivals Aston Villa will mean its back to the drawing board for Sunderland. I think they’ll have a rocket shot up their backsides just before the game starts, or at least at half time, meaning this one will go down as a home win.

TUE 7th May

Man City v West Brom 19:45

Jack: 2-0. City have quality in abundance and my thinking is there will be some people trying to stake a claim for the team next year by performing here. That could be dangerous for West Brom who if I’m honest could struggle if they don’t replace Lukaku when he goes back to Chelsea, they need a goal scorer next season.

Joe: 2-2. The second Man City game we’re covering this week. Last time I predicted a win, this time I’m going to say a draw. I think they’ll become complacent and get bullied by a very impressive West Brom side. Lukaku will be a threat, and will be looking to pounce on any mistakes made by City’s back 4.

Wigan v Swansea 19:45

Jack: 1-1. Hoping that the relegation battle will go down to a shoot out between Wigan and Villa at the DW on the last game of the season. I think almost every football fan who don’t support one of the other relegation team want them to do it, the collective will of them, plus some good performances could see them through.

Joe: 1-0. I have to say, I can see Wigan pulling it out of the bag again. Maybe its just wishful thinking, and a heart-over-head decision. It doesn’t matter; I want the relegation fight to go to the last day!

WED 8th May

Chelsea v Tottenham 19:45

Jack: 2-3. Bale factor will win through her I reckon, shame he will probably be going abroad next season. Chelsea have had some distractions with Mourinho hinting at a return and I’m not sure Rafa or his players will be focused especially with a potential Europa League final to play for.

Joe: 2-1. This can go either way. Either we’re going to be treated to a masterful display by both sides, ending up as a 3-3 draw, or Chelsea will dominate seeing as they’re at home. I’m going for the latter.


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