Football Predictions: 11th – 14th May 2013

It is that time again? We had a lot of fixtures in the last post, but they went by so quickly and we’re not down to the last 2 weeks of the season! Lots of drama this week before our fixtures have even started. Fergie announced his retirement yesterday, which has had a domino effect on the managerial positions of a few clubs. Will it create a few distractions for teams who really could do without them? We’ll find out.

Let’s see how Jack and Joe did last time out with their predictions…

Week 10 Results

 Jack: 5 points, 5 correct results, 0 correct scorelines

Joe: 7 points, 5 correct results, 1 correct scoreline

 League Table


Weeks Played



Correct Results

Correct Scorelines













 Week 11 Predictions

 Saturday 11th May 2013

Aston Villa v Chelsea         12:45

Jack: 0-3. Villa are over the magic 40 points line which most likely means survival for them, although they should probably keep checking over the shoulder the way Wigan are. After their win over United last time out I’m backing Chelsea to secure third spot, they’ve been playing well of late (despite Luiz’s antics) so they should win this one comfortably.

Joe: 1-3. Despite a nervy finish, Villa are almost safe. Pressure’s still on though and the relegation race might go to the last day. Chelsea just had a bit of a scare from Tottenham, who very nearly beat them at Stamford Bridge, so they’ll be looking to secure their spot in 3rd.

Sunday 12th May 2013

Stoke v Tottenham   13:30

Jack: 1-3. Chances are Tottenham will lose out to Arsenal and Chelsea for the Champions League spots, Chelsea have more points and Arsenal have a much better goal difference. That might mean they lose their not so secret weapon Bale over the summer, but he’ll probably make the difference in this game.

Joe: 0-2. The Britannia stadium isn’t looking like the fortress it has been in recent years. Stoke at home are usually a safe bet for at least a well battled point, but I’m not sure that’s true anymore. They’ve been found out this season and they’re just looking like surviving this campaign. Tottenham (and especially Adebayor) looked impressive last time out, and I’m going to bet they take the game to Stoke and snatch 3 points.

Everton v West Ham            15:00

Jack: 0-0. Bore draw and the Merseyside derby and a bore draw here too. Everton only need to draw to make finishing above Liverpool certain and I don’t think they’ll be to adventurous here. West Ham have the fire power in Carroll but probably lack the inclination given where they are in the league at this stage.

Joe: 1-0. Looks like Moyes for the Man Utd hotseat, and I can’t think of a better successor for old Fergie. I know a couple of Everton fans that will be very disappointed if he is chosen for the role, but hopefully Everton will get a decent manager themselves and push on next season for a much-deserved Europe spot.

Fulham v Liverpool  15:00

Jack: 0-1. I’ve spoken before about the unpredictable form Liverpool have had this season and the last two games have shown that. Hopefully Suarez will hang around next season because he provides so much entertainment, despite the problems he has. What can I say about Fulham?

Joe: 1-2. Goals galore followed by no goals, I predict a couple more goals for Liverpool as they look to get back to winning ways against Fulham. Of course Fulham will show a bit of fight, despite having little to play for, but I think Liverpool will step it up for this game.

Norwich v West Brom          15:00

Jack: 0-2. Norwich could still get drawn into the relegation scrap and a loss here will do that. West Brom have impressed me this season, Steve Clark has shown himself to be capable of stepping into the Manager role. Don’t foresee any shocks here should be an easy victory for the baggies.

Joe: 1-1. Norwich have slid down the table and come from nowhere to be contenders for relegation. They need every point they can get now, and I think they’ll only manage a point against impressive West Brom.

QPR v Newcastle     15:00

Jack: 1-1. Both teams have been in poor form pretty much from the start of the season. Newcastle still have survival to play for unlike QPR. That being said the weaknesses in their defence should give QPR plenty of opportunities to counteract the Newcastle attacking threat.

Joe: 0-1. Newcastle’s bad form has to end sometime, surely? QPR really don’t look like doing anything of note in the close of the season, and it could be all change as they prepare for life in Barnsley’s league (I say Barnsley’s league because the reds have spent more seasons in the second tier than any other team – therefore we own it! [sarcasm]).

Sunderland v Southampton          15:00

Jack: 1-2. Both teams side by side in the league trying to keep their heads above water. I resisted a draw here despite it being beneficial to both sides, I think Southampton have a bit more of an edge to their play. I also don’t particularly like Di Canio’s pitch side antics despite the fact he’s been at Sunderland a hand full of games, strikes me as slightly false.

Joe: 0-1. This tie will really test Di Canio and his Sunderland side’s mettle. For me this is the match that will determine whether Sunderland stay up or go down (assuming Wigan perform the impossible again). I’m going to say no here, because I think Southampton are just too good on the ball for Sunderland to handle. Squeaky bum time I’m afraid.

Man Utd v Swansea            16:00

Jack: 4-0. Who’d have thought it’d be Ferguson’s last season in charge at United, little know fact he actually retired in 2001 we’ve just been in fergie time ever since. United lads will be keen to give fergie a good send off and a thumping of Swansea as they get presented with the trophy isn’t a bad way to do it.

Joe: 3-1. So Fergie’s last game in front of the home fans. This has got magical win written all over it. The players owe him that at the very least! Swansea are a very good team, but I think perhaps Laudrup will be distracted by the talk of him succeeding Moyes at Everton should the Scot end up at United.

Tuesday 14th May 2013

Arsenal v Wigan      19:45

Jack: 2-1. Dramatic and entertaining as they are I think the sun has set on Wigan’s current spell in the Premier League. Much as I love having them in there I think Arsenal will have too much for them in this game considering their fighting to keep Tottenham at bay.

Joe: 2-0. Fergie’s retirement couldn’t come at a worse time for poor old Wigan. The fact that Everton might be searching for a new manager to replace United-bound Moyes (probably) means Wigan’s own Martinez is in the frame, and may be distracted by this going into the last 2 games of the season (not to mention the FA Cup final!). I’m going to say home win for Arsenal.

Reading v Man City

Jack: 0-3. Can’t be anything other than a white wash this, neither team has much to play for but City certainly have more quality. They do have an FA Cup final to prepare for for but as it’s against Wigan, who have survival as a priority, I don’t think they’ll be wide spread rests for the City players.

Joe: 1-2. Fair play to Reading, with the pressure off they seem to have regrouped and shown a bit of pride and fight for their fans, and of course Adkins, who will ultimately decide who stays and goes at the end of the season as they prepare for the Championship. Unfortunately they happen to be playing against last season’s champions, so I can’t see them winning here.


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