Why I’ve fallen in love with the Vita all over again

Last year a Sony launched the successor to the PSP, the PS Vita; and to say it was met with little to no fanfare from the gaming public would be an overstatement. There has also been a severe lack of decent games being released. So despite all of this; how come I’m happier now with my purchase than I ever have been before? There are three very simple little reasons.

1)  Great games are coming

Iota is ready to game!

Iota is ready to game!

Apart from the launch window and Gravity Rush, even the most hardened of PlayStation fans would have to admit that the Vita didn’t have the greatest of years in terms of new releases. Thankfully things look set to change this year with Tearaway and Killzone: Mercenary being released in time for Christmas. There is also the big indie push that Sony are currently on, resulting in amazing games like Hotline Miami being available to download for only a couple of pounds. Add this to the price cut that Japan saw (which boosted sales, and more consoles means more development) and things look bright in terms of good quality releases for the young handheld.

2)  PS+

An essential service

An essential service

If you’re a PlayStation user and don’t subscribe to PS+ then I implore you to try the service out. PS+ is a must on the Vita due to the cloud save feature. As the Vita has no game save utility (ridiculous, I know) it means you need the cloud save system to make sure you don’t lose all your saves when deleting games from your over-priced memory cards. Plus PS+ gives you a free game every month with the Instant Game Collection feature (Wipeout, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and Mortal Kombat being a few examples) meaning that you’ll never lack something to play!

3)  PlayStation 4

The big one; PS Vita was developed in tandem with PS4 and the two were designed to be compatible from conception. PS Vita can be used like the Wii U gamepad, allowing you to stream your PS4 content over to your Vita (via Gaikai) without the need for a TV. Unlike the Wii U however, this feature is baked into the system meaning that all games (except for ones needing PS Move, etc) will do this without the developers needing to code specifically for this feature. The PS Vita is the perfect supplementary device for the PS4,

So there’s my little list of reasons why the Vita not only isn’t dead, but has managed to recapture my heart. Sure it doesn’t sell nearly as well as the 3DS, but its feature set and library of games speak far more to me than that of its Nintendo counterpart (which I also own, so no accusations of fanboyism please).

If the Vita has perked your interest but you still aren’t sure about it, I say absolutely go out and purchase one. Not only does it have a strong selection of games focused on the ‘core gamer’ but remember that the more people who buy one, the more developers will take interest in making games for it.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming!






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