Football Predictions 19th May 2013

Hello again and welcome to part 1 of the final feature of this season’s head-to-head football predictions! It’s been an interesting season and we’ve enjoyed seeing how well Jack and Joe can predict premier league results (apparently not very well). Anyway let’s get straight into the results from last week:

Week 11 Results

Jack: 6 points, 6 correct results, 0 correct scorelines

Joe: 8 points, 8 correct results, 0 correct scorelines

League Table


Weeks Played



Correct Results

Correct Scorelines














So it looks as though the title is almost won by Joe, and Jack needs some serious 3 pointers as we enter the final week. But as we know anything can happen, and Jack could do a Wigan (a Wigan of previous years it has to be said!).

Week 12 Predictions

Sunday 19th May 2013

Chelsea v Everton             16:00

Jack: 3-1.  Chelsea are still fighting it out with Arsenal and Tottenham for the Champions League spots. Since they have that to play for plus the confidence that they will be able to draw from their Europa League victory I don’t see Everton having a chance here.

Joe: 1-2. I’m going to go for a controversial one here. Benitez has done a lovely job for Chelsea as temporary manager, and I’m sure many would love him to carry on the role next season. The Europa League won and spirits high, I tip Everton to pull off a surprise victory in Moyes’ last game in charge.

Liverpool v QPR                                    16:00

Jack: 2-0. Carra’s last game at Anfield as a player and it’d be nice if Liverpool send him off in style with a victory. QPR probably wont put up much of a fight having been relegated a while back, given Rednapp’s criticism of his players I don’t see them playing for their team either. Sturridge and Countinho have been forming a good partnership in recent weeks and that will come good again in this match.

Joe: 3-0. Liverpool have had a very good record with Suarez out of the side, and I think they’ll have a field day against a very poor QPR side who will have some serious issues when it comes to supporting high wages of players etc. next season. In fact I could even see them doing a Pompey and racking up too much debt.

Man City v Norwich          16:00

Jack: 0-1. Going for a surprise Norwich win here, City can’t change their league position whatever they do. Whilst Norwich could go anywhere from 10th to 17th depending on other results, which should be plenty of incentive for the Canaries.

Joe: 2-1. Don’t think there’ll be too many surprises here, Man City are a very good side and Norwich have been average at best this season, despite maintaining their Premier League status (which is a great achievement for them!).

Newcastle v Arsenal       16:00

Jack: 0-3. Combine Newcastle’s defensive frailties with Arsenal’s impressive attacking line up and what do you get. A pretty one sided game, nuf said.

Joe: 0-2. A fine season last year was followed by a miserable season this time for Newcastle. They’ve really struggled to produce the goods following Ba’s departure to Chelsea, despite having another great striker (Cisse). Arsenal have been their usual good but not amazing, and should get the 3 points they need to potentially steal 3rd place.

Southampton v Stoke     16:00

Jack: 2-0. Style against tough tackling in this match. I always favour style in these close games, Stoke will undoubtedly be in the Saint’s faces for the majority of the match though superior passing form Southampton should see them through this game.

Joe: 1-1. Not sure how this one will play out, but Stoke are resilient and won’t be rolled over by Southampton. Likewise the Saints are impressive and will want to give their fans a final lift on what has been a good season for them as they cement their position in the top flight.

Swansea v Fulham           16:00

Jack: 3-0. Fulham got a footballing lesson against LFC last week and Swansea were unfortunate not to spoil the party at Old Trafford. Massive differences in end of season form from these two teams which should be the deciding factor in this game.

Joe: 3-1. Michu has been quiet recently (apart from his goal against United last time). I expect a goal or two from him to remind everyone why he’s probably the most underrated strikers in the league. Can’t see Fulham winning this one, and I think there can only be one winner in the Michu vs. Berbatov contest.

Tottenham v Sunderland               16:00

Jack: 0-1. Sunderland are safe from relegation now after Wigan failed to ‘do a Wigan’ this season, so pressure off for them. Pressure very much on for Tottenham as they push for the 4th Champions League spot, which could mean the difference between keeping Bale and him leaving. I got a feeling that the old end of year bottling in Totenham may rear its head again hence the fact I’, backing Sunderland.

Joe: 2-0. Di Canio has threatened to cut short his players’ holidays should they embarrass themselves on Sunday. To be honest I don’t think they’re going to care, and trying to get players to do what you want is like trying to get Mario Balotelli to go a whole season without doing something stupid in the public eye – it just can’t be done. So Tottenham will win here, and Sunderland’s players will scamper off to Bora Bora or wherever they go and hide from their manager all summer.

West Brom v Man Utd    16:00

Jack: 0-1. The United players have to give Fergie a fitting send off and what could be better that a last minute Fergie time winner against the Baggies. Its not style that has won Fergie so many trophies its determination to play right up until the final whistle. West Brom have had a good season which is why I think they’ll hold out until the final minutes here.

Joe: 0-2. Final game in charge of United for Fergie, and he’s had a fantastic career there. Hats off to him, he knows how to manage a football team. Surely United will win and make his last game even more memorable?

West Ham v Reading      16:00

Jack: 2-0. Top 10 finish is the prize for the Hammers here, they win they keep it. Reading can’t do anything in what has been an underwhelming relegation battle this year, with only Wigan putting up some sort of fight. West Ham should win this one easy, their defence has been good this year and Andy Carroll may have found an out to his Liverpool nightmare.

Joe: 1-1. Nothing about this game really inspires me. Reading have been playing well since being relegated, probably due to the ‘no pressure’ feeling it brings. West Ham are decent at home, and have quietly chugged along all season picking up wins here and there.

Wigan v Aston Villa          16:00

Jack: 0-0. Nothing to play for except pride in this game, typical end of season game that doesn’t really do anything to inspire the neutrals here. Can’t see either team putting themselves to too much effort here therefore bore draw.

Joe: 2-1. Wigan are relegated, and Villa and everyone else near the bottom can relax. Wigan have some good players who I think will remain in the Premiership next season, however they will need some serious recruitment if they are to come straight back up again. I think they’ll give their fans something else to cheer about this weekend, after of course winning the FA Cup.


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