Football Predictions: End of Season Review

Well here we are. The end of the season and the end of our head-to-head football predictions feature. We’ve really enjoyed predicting (actually judging by our performances more like guessing) the results of the Premier League for the last few months. The season’s thrown out some surprises, and a lot of the top teams will see new managers next season, which is always exciting.

So without further ado let’s take a look at the results of Jack and Joe’s predictions from the weekend, and announce the winner!

Jack: 6 points, 6 correct results, 0 correct scorelines

Joe: 6 points, 4 correct results, 1 correct scorelines



Weeks Played



Correct Results

Correct Scorelines













So it’s a tie this week, with a correct score keeping Joe on level terms with a strong week of predictions from Jack. However with a score of 76 points Joe takes the title of ‘best guesser’ for Premier League matches!

We’ll end this post with a roundup of Jack and Joe’s best bits of the Premier League season, including their notable players of the season and team of the season.

Jack: This has been a season of reflection and anti-climax for the Premier League, after last season’s last minute drama it always was going to be. United triumphed this season without really setting the world on fire, in fact no one has really set the world on fire not for a sustained period of time. It’s been a bit boring to be honest after last year, no dramatic Wigan comeback, no last minute winner from Aguero, nothing. I think this season will be remembered for the amount of legends that are retiring, Ferguson is an obvious one, Carragher, Scholes, Beckham, I could go on. So the interesting thing for next season and beyond is can the young players step into the limelight, we need them too as the German’s are taking over the Champions League.

Notable Players

1. Gareth Bale- He was always a good player but this season feels like he’s emerged as a true star of the game. He’s won Tottenham many games single handedly this season and they really will miss him if he goes to a Champions League team. Reportedly he’s looking to sign a new contract, I kind of hope he does because loyalty is a rare quality in football today and it’d be nice to see some here.

2. Ashley Williams- The fact that he’s rumoured to be moving to bigger clubs like Liverpool is testimony to how well he’s played the last few seasons for Swansea. He’s an old fashioned rough and ready centre back who loves a tackle, defiantly would be an excellent signing but Swansea won’t let him go without a fight.

3. Christian Benteke- He managed to score 19 goals this season which is impressive when you consider 1) he’s only 22 and 2) he played for relegation threatened Aston Villa. Season of emergence as a footballer for him this season, hopefully he will kick on in a young Villa side.

4. Juan Mata- Chelsea have a lot of ‘attacking midfielders’ but Mata is definitely the pick of the bunch. Credited with 20 assists and 16 goals this season he is the man the Chelsea fans have to thank for their success this season. Well really it’s Rafa but they’ll never admit to that.

5. Phillipe Countinho- Bit of a wild card pick for me this one, especially considering he was only signed in January. I’ve picked him more for the potential he has shown in the few games he’s played, he’s got pace, skill, passing ability and an eye for goal, I’m backing him to take the League by storm next season.

Team of the Season: Formation 4-3-3

Goalkeeper: Petr Cech

Right Back: Pablo Zabaletta

Left Back: Leighton Baines

Centre back: Jamie Caragher

Centre back: Rio Ferdinand

Centre midfield: Santi Cazorla

Centre midfield: Steven Gerrard

Centre midfield: Michael Carrick

Striker: Luis Suarez

Striker: Robin Van Persie

Striker: Michu


Joe: Not as exciting a season as we’ve ever seen in the Premier League. The title chase was settled pretty early on, and there wasn’t as frantic a relegation battle as we’ve seen in the past, with Reading and QPR quickly solidifying their place in the bottom two and Wigan going down before the final game. I have to say the Championship was a lot more unpredictable and nerve-wracking! Still, some great football was on offer this season, with a lot of notable players and (managers) retiring. Scholes, Carragher and Owen all retired, the latter of which without much ceremony or notice (also Beckham retired, however hasn’t been involved in the Premier League for a good many years). Fergie also decided to call it a day, leaving behind a great legacy at United.

So, most notable players for me:

Van Persie – I thought moving to United was a bad idea. He was captain and star player for Arsenal, why risk becoming the next transfer flop just for a trophy or two? It paid off though, and he became even better as a player.

Suarez – What can I say? Carried Liverpool through the first half of the season, and then got involved in a nasty incident which made me lose all respect for him. Fantastic player, but too much of a liability and Liverpool could do without him now. I would have put him straight into my team of the season, but he’s lost his spot due to, well, biting.

Michu – And the award for bargain of the season goes to this man! What was it? £2.2million? Just look at the value for money in that! Brought in as an attacking midfielder, I think he was meant to create more than he scored, but he’s turned into one of the best strikers in the division. If Swansea manage to keep hold of him they’ll have a great chance of further success next season.

Bale – The Welshman has carried Tottenham through this season, scoring some absolute wonder goals, including an incredible last minute strike against Sunderland on the last day.

Ivanovic – I have to say, this guy has played really well this season. In previous seasons he’s been played at RB, but Benitez has done well to find his strength in the middle of the back 4. He’s a very strong defender and although he makes the odd mistake (who doesn’t?), he’s been impressive on the whole.

My team of the season: Formation 4-4-2

Goalkeeper: Joe Hart

Right back: Pablo Zabaleta

Centre back: Branislav Ivanovic

Centre back: Ashley Williams

Left back: Leighton Baines

Right midfielder: Santi Cazorla

Centre midfielder: Juan Mata

Centre midfielder: Michu

Left midfielder: Gareth Bale

Striker: Robin Van Persie

Striker: Christian Benteke


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